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On December 4, 2012 Roelof Janssen finished translating the last meditation for

Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh

by Klaas Schilder

Daily Meditations on the Bible for Reformation of Family, Church, and State

Klaas Schilder's Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh & De Reformatie 1920-1952


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I began by announcing the meditations of Klaas Schilder. This project took about 15 months and for the rest of my life I will look back at this time period with great gratitude. It is one of the mysteries of God that the depth of sadness goes together with the greatest joy. The deformation of the Church was the cause that pressed me back to Schilder five years ago. I have corresponded with our consistory, and with many ministers and elders, but when I noticed that the great majority were negative or very negative in their responses (most did not even respond) and were not interested in "my" writings, and since I knew that Schilder had said everything much better than I ever could, I began translating some articles and placed them on the web. When I discovered his daily meditations about two years ago I knew that they should be first. I basically dropped every other project, except for a series of homeschool conventions. Fortunately my children take care of several parts of our business. And behold, this major project is coming to an end. Along with the final editing, I am planning to also prepare a complete Dutch edition, and make both the English and Dutch editions available as ebooks at a cost of $15.95 each and print the English edition in either two volumes (2 x 384 pages) or four volumes (4 x 192 pages any input about this will be much appreciated). In both cases the sets will cost about $35.00 and as individual volumes a little more.

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We have only published one new book in 2012:

Little Yellow Farm House in Iowa

by Carol Brands

A Fictionalized Biography of Katherine Vastenhout

Precious Memories: Book 2: Years Eleven through Seventeen: World War II Years

When the Kroontje family moved into their second tiny house, they had no idea that within months of their move Uncle Bill Tilstra would be assigned to the USS Arizona, the first ship Japan bombed in Pearl Harbor. Nor did they know that three of Uncle Bill's ships would be destroyed – but that he would be spared from death in ways that were clearly God's providential care . . . yet so horrific that he hated talking about the war.

While war loomed in the background, Uncle Bill always on the family's mind, Katherine's farm life continued with a mixture of stories – some humorous, some serious, some full of neighborliness, some with tragedy.

Join the Kroontje family — living daily life on an Iowa farm even while World War II is being fought across the oceans.

Time: 1940-1945

Age: 13-99

978-1-894666-39-8 U.S.$11.95

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Thank you for your prompt service. My 13yr old and 10yr old sons enjoyed the first 3 books immensely (Scout). I just read "Secret of the Swamp" for the 3rd time to my 10yr old. He can't get enough of Scout. Thanks again, L.C.