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December 29

The Language of the Spirit and the Bride (3)

And the Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” - Rev. 22: 17.
Read: Rev. 22:12-17 Sing: Ps. 90:3

The prayer for the Great Coming is not only ecclesiastical, but also very human. It is again originally human, of ancient humanity. It is what from the beginning of the world could be called true humanity. In her we do not hear the crying complaints of a small assembly, but we see the broadest, purified, prayer of creation, regained by re-creation, come forth and upward in audible language. It is no weariness of the world that calls out like this, for the one Person who prays (the Spirit) is, as God, never weary of God’s work, never tired of days or of the world. And as far as the other is concerned, who also prays (the Church), she does not appear here as a sect, tired and worn out, weary as being schismatic, but as bride. And which bride is ever weary of days? She is as young as a young one can be. Instead, with all that she has, she will accept the total number of her days and make them available to the great future of Him to whom she belongs.

And this prayer is not only positive and ecclesiastically creature-like, but also true and fully divine. For the bride does not pray by herself. The Spirit also prays for her, by her, above her, and within her: “Come quickly!”

That Spirit also calls for the Great Coming as the Connector-of-all and Unifier-of-all, as the One who gives meaning, and the One who expresses meaning in the holy Trinity. For by that Great Coming of Christ, He Himself will be released from the temporarily necessary task, accepted by Him, of bringing in the chosen ones. By that Great Coming He also receives the possibility to bring all that was out of the Father of re-creation back to that Father, and delight in the full unity of the by-re-creation-purified and enriched creation as also in the unification of the bride with God, and thus with Himself.

Is it now an unnecessary speculation about “abstract” things, if we by the end of the year speak to each other about such things?

Perhaps someone is thinking, “Please quit talking about these things. Let us rather speak about the fresh graves in which we buried the remains of a body this past year. Or, talk about our ‘circumstances,’ our unemployments, the crisis we are in, and everything else that is published in the newspapers.”

But in all seriousness I ask, “Is that what you need?”

For it is not what stirs our sensitivity in you or I that should move us, but what moves God the Lord, that is meaningful for our attention and its purification.

“Thou dost hear the prayer.” When someone says it like that, we all find it edifying.That is partly caused by the fact that we silently have changed the hearing into “answering.” But of course, we are not allowed to do that. For that is being just as offensive and childishly corrupt as our little ones at home, who find it more important to get a little present than that Father or Mother really and substantially listen to them, to what a deep humanity is revealed in their calling out.

Thus we should now again find it edifying that God “hears” prayer. The “answering” of it comes in the second place. The little ones look for an answer, the result, and have no eye for the “hearing.” But the “man” in Christ, in amazement, pays attention to the miracle that God “hears.” And I think that New Year’s Eve is indeed an evening to ask if we already have become a “man” in Christ.

So we know that God “hears” prayer. Good. And if we now find this edifying then we should also begin to find it “edifying,” that is, constructive, that God “hears” the prayer of New Year’s Eve. Then we should also consider that foundational-prayer-of-New-Year’s-Eve of the bride (of which I in faith know something by revelation, without perceiving it) in such a way as God “hears” it. Then I know in advance by faith: my edification should be founded on this. My edification on New Year’s Eve. Nothing else does edify.

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We wish all our customers the Lord’s blessings for 2013. The recording of these meditations coincides with the publication of 366 meditations upon the Bible for Reformation of Family, Church, and State in bookform in, the Lord Willing, March 2013. An ebook is already available on our website and we soon hope to have the complete audio book available as well, both in English and in Dutch. I, Roelof Janssen of Inheritance Publications, have recorded these meditations as part of the final editing process of the book. Please remember that this is part of our daily work and that your support will be much appreciated. Illegal distribution of our materials that hold copyright is a violation of the eighth commandment.

On the other hand promotion of our work may be a great blessing for many and glorify God.

May the Lord bless you!


Thank you for your prompt service. My 13yr old and 10yr old sons enjoyed the first 3 books immensely (Scout). I just read "Secret of the Swamp" for the 3rd time to my 10yr old. He can't get enough of Scout. Thanks again, L.C.