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December 30

The Language of the Spirit and the Bride (4)

And the Spirit and the bride say, "Come!" — Rev. 22:17.
Read: Rev. 22:17-21 Sing: Ps. 90:7

Our edification should be founded in our knowledge that we should consider the foundational-prayer-of-New-Year’s-Eve of the bride the way God "hears" it. Then I know in advance by faith that nothing else will edify. And then there is for that faith afterward also an affirmation of that faith. In other words: then we find afterwards also, that this consideration indeed "edified" us with a particular New-Year’s-Eve-edification.

For indeed, this consideration purifies our last prayer of this year. For it teaches me that I actually have so little of that positivity about which we spoke before: the longing for the Coming. We look back in a melancholy way at what is past. In other words, we look at what will not "come" again. We look back at our "dead ones" who will never come back to us. We look back at our never again "coming" year of chances, our never again "coming" lost money, our never again "coming" past time. We pay so much attention to what has escaped from between our hands. We look now as lost and also as somewhat pushy children at the door of God’s Palace and find that the King there in that Palace should now finally show us some sympathy. We will show Him how many things have escaped from between our fingers and wonder: does He not find that edifying? For does He not very gladly hear us?

But this last sentence is not true, and exactly that is now the difficulty. "In itself" (our "in ourselves," one could contemptuously make of it), "in itself" He does not at all "hear us gladly." For we are always something else than a thing "in itself." For we are in accordance to the commandment, or against it. We are "in accordance" to God, or we are not. Thus He gladly hears prayer. He only gladly hears us when we show in our praying the restored humanity with everything that lives in it again, in accordance to the original reality of God’s image, in as far as that restored, pure humanity is found back in our prayer.

In other words: He asks, He listens, if we positively call out for the positive that is called the coming. The coming of the Son of Man, the Bridegroom of all.

Is that not purification of prayer?

Oh, now we are ashamed. We were inclined to force Him toward us, that He, for example, would stand at our fresh grave. We would like to draw Him to our holiday locations, that is, the locations of us wasting time. We so easily think then, that such a place of pausing, such a place of holidays, indeed is edifying and somewhat sabbath-like, as long as we connect a Bible text to it and are not considered getting too far away from our role.

But fortunately, things are not so simple, for then they would be so very cheap.

Indeed, He knows of no pausing, and gives no holidays, and has not even any pleasure in entering into our sabbaths. Even less is He pleased to enter our imitation sabbaths. He says literally to us in His Word that we have to enter into His Sabbath. In other words, we, on December 31, {1932} 20__, should find rest in what He finds rest. That is, to rest in the coming, in the movement, in that which is on the way, which does not escape, but powerfully forces itself upon us with judgment and with grace.

Thus He takes me away from my private little matters, for He comes to "us." He is not Bridegroom of me "on my own," but Bridegroom of the Church. Only there can I as bride see and serve Him. Thus He takes me away from "my" tomb or "my" decoration of the tomb, and directs me to God’s "mighty chariotry untold," which are "ten thousand thousandfold" and at one time will open up all the graves. With one jolt He will take me from what is "mine," which I view as "aesthetic," and will transfer me into what belongs to Him: He still has great pleasure in that Son, who still needs to receive His springtide feast. On New Year’s Eve, I cannot possibly present a private little matter to Him, except — in the Church. For that community is the bride, and thus she is for the Bridegroom the only great coming thing. And it is remarkable: with this bride I can only rejoice in Him. For besides the purification of the brid e, which indeed will be consummated in me as her member, great joy will come: a feast is coming.

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We wish all our customers the Lord’s blessings for 2013. The recording of these meditations coincides with the publication of 366 meditations upon the Bible for Reformation of Family, Church, and State in bookform in, the Lord Willing, March 2013. An ebook is already available on our website and we soon hope to have the complete audio book available as well, both in English and in Dutch. I, Roelof Janssen of Inheritance Publications, have recorded these meditations as part of the final editing process of the book. Please remember that this is part of our daily work and that your support will be much appreciated. Illegal distribution of our materials that hold copyright is a violation of the eighth commandment.

On the other hand promotion of our work may be a great blessing for many and glorify God.

May the Lord bless you!


Thank you for your prompt service. My 13yr old and 10yr old sons enjoyed the first 3 books immensely (Scout). I just read "Secret of the Swamp" for the 3rd time to my 10yr old. He can't get enough of Scout. Thanks again, L.C.