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Inheritance Readers series

A series of readers by Piet Prins used in the Netherlands for the first grades.




Rob and Roland

Subject: Fiction
Age: 7-8
ISBN 978-1-894666-32-9
Retail Price: US$7.95

  #1 Rob and Roland
              by Piet Prins

A little dog walked along the road.

A white dog with brown ears and a brown spot on his head.

It was a puppy.

But he was not happy.

He was hungry and there was nobody to take care of him.


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Rob and Roland on the Farm

Subject: Fiction
Age: 7-8
ISBN 978-1-894666-33-6
Retail Price: US$7.95

 #2 Rob and Roland
                    on the Farm

             by Piet Prins

Two storks had built a nest with branches and straw on it.

Mother stork perched on the edge of the nest.

She kept watch over her children.

She also looked around at the wide world.

When you are so high, you can see far over the green pastures.


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Subject: Mission / Fiction
Age: 9-10
ISBN 978-0-921100-11-9
Retail Price: US$8.95

Anak, the Eskimo Boy#9 Anak, the
            Eskimo Boy

             by Piet Prins

Another captivating story by one of the best-loved authors of juvenile literature in the Netherlands!

Far north, where the sun shines only part of the year, Anak and his family live with the rest of their Eskimo tribe near the Coronation Gulf. Anak experiences both adventure and danger as he learns how to hunt seals, caribou, and walruses; travels to the land of the white man; faces the threat of a bear attack; and accidentally drifts off to sea on an ice floe. As Anak confronts the challenges of Eskimo life, he learns important lessons about responsibility and dependence on God.


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The Inheritance Readers Series is a series of little readers Piet Prins wrote that were used in the lower grades in the Netherlands. The first two (Rob and Roland & Rob and Roland on the Farm) follow eachother up, but Anak, the Eskimo Boy is an indepent story.


About the Author

Piet Prins (pen name for Pieter Jongeling 1909-1985)

Mr. Jongeling was born in the northern part of The Netherlands and studied to become a teacher. He indeed did teach for some years, but soon became the international correspondent of a Dutch newspaper. In 1942 he was arrested by the Germans and sent to a concentration camp. After the allied victory in 1945 he returned to The Netherlands and became one of the most important journalists and politicians in The Netherlands. For many years he was the editor of a Reformed Christian daily newspaper, in which he wrote most of his children's books as serials under the name Piet Prins. The first thing many people read when the newspaper arrived was these serials. In 1963 Mr. Jongeling became member of the Dutch parliament for the Reformed Political Alliance. One commentator mused: "What makes Jongeling such a remarkable parliamentarian? That's simple. The man works like a horse! He is always fully informed. When Jongeling speaks, the house listens."

Both as a journalist and a statesman, Pieter Jongeling knew himself bound by the inspired Word of God and as such his labour has born much fruit.


 Piet Prins   ~   The North   ~   Fiction


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Gideon Blows
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John is Not Afraid
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Thank you for your prompt service. My 13yr old and 10yr old sons enjoyed the first 3 books immensely (Scout). I just read "Secret of the Swamp" for the 3rd time to my 10yr old. He can't get enough of Scout. Thanks again, L.C.