John Calvin

500 Years


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That John Calvin's influence is felt daily

in Western Civilization is a fact both in Church and State.

But Reformed people have inherited

a special treasure that links them directly

to John Calvin.

Every time their voices are lifted up to sing

a Genevan Psalm they sing

the praises of God

through the aid of His humble servant

John Calvin.

Especially this month we may remember the work of John Calvin,

and in the months to come we may continue to follow in his footsteps

by singing the praises of God in obedience to His Word.

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for the glory of God

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Back in Print (now published by Inheritance Publications):

This Was John Calvin by Thea Van Halsema

Roger Nicole: "The most lively and readable biography of Calvin available in English."

J.H. Kromminga: "Though it reads as smoothly as a well written novel, it is crammed with important facts. It is scholarly and popular at the same time. The book will hold the interest of the young but will also bring new information to the well informed. . . . This book recognizes the true greatness of the man without falling into distortions of the truth to protect that greatness."

John Calvin comes alive as the author brings imagination as well as research to bear upon her subject. Her portrayal of the Genevan reformer is both appealing and honest.From this account, Calvin no longer is seen merely as "carved like a monument in the panorama of human history," but has become vivid, lifelike, and real. This is biography at its best.

Time: 1509-1564 Age: 12-99

ISBN 978-1-894666-90-9 US$11.95

Under Calvin's Spell by Deborah Alcock

A Tale of theHeroic Times in Old Geneva

They had now reached the Forte Neuve, by which they entered the town, with many others who were returning from the Plain-palais. As they walked along the Corratorie they met Berthelier and Gabrielle, taking the air, as the afternoon was very fine for the season of the year. Both the lads saluted; De Marsac with a flush and a beaming smile.

"I did not know you knew them," said Norbert.

"Oh yes; did I not tell you I was going to see them? Master Berthelier's sister, Damoiselle Claudine, and I are fast friends. Some years ago when I came here first, a mere child, I was one day in the market, looking about me and buying cherries or the like, when I saw this poor damoiselle being frightened half out of her senses by a group of angry, scolding fish-women. That was before such good order was put in the market, and in all the town, thanks to Master Calvin. She had told them, quite truly, that they were trying to cheat her. I fought her battle with all my might, which in truth was not great, and at last brought her home in triumph. She was much more grateful than the occasion required, and has been my very good friend ever since. I — they — they are all good to me, though lately, being much occupied with my studies, I have seen them but seldom."

"Do you not think the young damoiselle very pretty?" asked Norbert. "I do."

"She is beautiful," Louis answered quietly; and the subject dropped.

Time: 1542-1564 Age:14-99

ISBN 1-894666-04-6 US$14.95

John Calvin: Genius of Geneva

by Lawrence Penning

A Popular Account of the Life and Times of John Calvin

The publishing of this book is a direct fruit of the reading and publishing of Under Calvin's Spell by Deborah Alcock which is a great novel and gives a very good description of life in and around Geneva. However it tells little about Calvin himself. As a result I read Penning's book and was quickly convinced that both books should be published as companion editions, Alcock's book being the introduction and Penning's book the "full" story. Also today the world needs to know it's most important historical facts and since upon the mouth of two witnesses the truth of a matter is to be established we send out in these two books the true story of John Calvin.

Calvin is perhaps the most important person who lived after Biblical times (seconded by Martin Luther, William of Orange, Michael de Ruyter, and William III of Orange). To know and understand how the Lord has used these people in the history of His Church and world will stir in any reader the desire to follow them in their footsteps. Roelof A. Janssen

Time: 1509-1564 Age:15-99

ISBN 1-894666-77-1 US$19.95

Calvin’s Doctrine of the Word and Sacrament

by Ronald S. Wallace

This is a careful and fresh study of Calvin’s Commentaries, Institutes, Sermons, and Tracts designed to meet the practical needs of those who wish clarification of the doctrines which lie behind traditional Reformed church practice. The book is also valuable for the insight it gives into Calvin’s method of interpreting Scripture, especially the Old Testament.

In the preface the following two sentences aptly sum up the content and purpose of the work: "What is most important in the study of Calvin today is to reveal what the Reformer himself actually said, in order that misconceptions about his teaching may be cleared away. Therefore this work is not a critical study of Calvin but an attempt to express his teaching as copiously, fairly, and sympathetically as possible."

Look at Table of Contents page 1

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Look at Table of Contents page 4

Look at Table of Contents page 5

Look at Table of Contents page 6

Look at Preface Page 1

Look at Preface Page 2

Look at Chapter 1 Page 1

Look at Chapter 1 Page 2

Subject: Bible and Sacraments Age: 16-99

ISBN 978-1-894666-50-3 US$17.95

Calvin: Commentaries

(Topical Selection by Joseph Haroutunian)

This volume, demonstrating the main elements of Calvin's doctrine as they appear in his many commentaries on the books of the Old and New Testaments, speaks with singular power to the ordinary reader today. Included are more than two hundred selections under headings ranging from the Bible, knowledge of God, and Jesus Christ to the Christian life, election and predestination, and the church.

Subject: Doctrines Age: 12-99

ISBN 0-664-24160-3 US$13.90

A DVD for the Whole Family to Enjoy


With Joyful Psalm and Song

The Children of Asaph

Sing Anglo-Genevan Psalms

Amy Barendregt, Soprano

Peter De Boer, Baritone

Kent Dykstra, Violin

Joel Bootsma, Viola

Vanessa Smeding, Cello

Harm Hoeve, Organ

Theresa Janssen, Conductor

Psalms 76:1, 3, & 5; 93:1-4; 85:1 & 2; 114:1-4; 35:1 & 2; 6:1 & 2 (Soprano Solo); 47:1-3; The Song of Mary; Psalms 33 (Organ Solo); 79:1, 3, & 5; 89:1-3;

119:1, 4, 13, & 40; 24:1, 2, & 5; 144:2 (Strings & Baritone); 84:1-3; 55:1, 2, & 9; 71:1 & 8; 138:1-4.

Play part of Psalm 76 (reduced quality)

IPDVD 113-9 (includes free CD) US$29.95

NTSC Format (Upon request PAL

is available as well)

The Genevan Psalms in Harmony

by Claude Goudimel

This book is ideal for churches, organists, choirs, and Christian families. Approximately 450 4-part settings of the Psalms. The melody is both in a Soprano and a Tenor setting, and all the stanzas of the Psalms from the Book of Praise are included.

ISBN 1-894666-66-6 US$59.95

Spiral Bound Copy with loose cover around it. Does not look as nice but stands open flat.

Spiral Copy US$69.95

Perfect Bound copy with only back of cover cut loose to faclitate the book to stay open. It still looks very nice! If used a lot it may rip loose from the front cover (and then you can get it Spiral Bound at Staples etc.)

Back Cut Loose Copy US$59.99

(15% discount for 6 or more regular bound copies!)

Theresa Janssen Plays the Genevan Psalms

of Claude Goudimel

for you to sing along

(or play along on your favourite solo instrument)

An ideal set of 4 Compact Discs for those who want to learn to sing the Genevan Psalms by heart. Each of the 150 Psalms is played twice, once with the melody in the Soprano and once with the melody in the Tenor. The organ registrations (of the organs at West End Christian Reformed Church, Robertson-Wesley United Church, and Grace Lutheran Church in Edmonton, Alberta) used for each of the Psalms are available at

which can be of great help for (young) organists.

4 Compact Discs CMR 109-112 US$40.00

Great is the Lord! Him Greatly Laud

The Odé Ensemble Sings Anglo-Genevan Psalms of Claude Goudimel

Annelize Viljoen, soprano;

Helga Schabort & Philna Badenhorst, altos; Antonie Fourie, tenor; Eric Kayayan, bass.

(The sheet music of this C.D, is published in The Genevan Psalms in Harmony by Claude Goudimel.)

Psalm 65:1 & 6; Psalm 38:1 & 10; Psalm 9:1 & 6; Psalm 28:1 & 5; Psalm 13:1 & 3; Psalm 43:1 & 5; Psalm 45:1 & 6; Psalm 37:1 & 5; Psalm 54:1 & 3; Psalm 32:1 & 5; Psalm 2:1 & 4; Psalm 40:1 & 7; Psalm 46:1 & 5; Psalm 62:1 & 6; Psalm 53:1 & 5; Psalm 17:1 & 5; Psalm 50:1 & 11; Psalm 34:1 & 7; Psalm 11:1 & 2; Psalm 41:1 & 4; Psalm 57:1 & 5; Psalm 59:1 & 8; Psalm 10:1 & 7; Psalm 26:1 & 7; Psalm 33:1 & 6; Psalm 48:1 & 4.

Compact Disc CMR 108-2 US$21.99

Sing to the Lord

The Children of Asaph sing the Psalms of David on the tunes of John Calvin Noortje Van Middelkoop, Panflute; Lucy Bootsma, Violin; Daniel Bootsma, Cello; Harm Hoeve, Organ; Theresa Janssen, Conductor.

Byron Snapp in The Counsel of Chalcedon: . . . There is a richness and depth in these selections that is too often missing in much contemporary music. . . Once again Church Music & Records has provided the listener with the opportunity to hear enduring Psalms sung and played with meaning and a quiet, sure confidence. Hopefully this recording will be widely purchased and used in the lives of many for the building up of God's people more and more unto His glory.

1. Psalm 42:1, 2, & 5 Willem Van Twillert; 2. Psalm 116:1, 2, 3, & 7 Theresa E. Janssen; 3. Psalm 124 Harm Hoeve; 4. Psalm 1 (Organ Solo) Feike Asma; 5. Psalm 49:1 & 2 (solo: Hester Barendregt) Willem Van Twillert; 6. Psalm 98 (solo: Cynthia Van Leeuwen & Karina Van Laar) Trad./Harm Hoeve; 7. Psalm 121 Feike Asma; 8. Psalm 96:1, 2, & 8 Dick Van Luttikhuizen; 9. Psalm 80:1, 2, & 3 (solo: Felicia Amy Barendregt) Roelof A. Janssen; 10. Psalm 68 (Organ & Panflute) Peter Eilander; 11. Psalm 25:1, 2, & 3 Willem Hendrik Zwart; 12. Song of Simeon (Hymn 18) Feike Asma; 13. Psalm 134 Harm Hoeve/Klaas Jan Mulder. For all ages!

Compact Disc CMR 104-2 US$21.99

Cassette CMR 104-4 US$12.99

God's Truth Abideth Still

A Collection of Psalms and Hymns, Sung by Choirs and Audiences in Alberta & British Columbia with

Harm Hoeve & Herman Van Vliet, Organ;

Noortje Van Middelkoop, Panflute;

Bastiaan Van Vliet, French Horn.

Includes: Psalm 116:1, 7, & 10; Psalm 68:1, 2, & 8; Psalm 21:1, 3, & 4; Psalm 78:1 & 3; Psalm 103:1, 2, & 4; Psalm 132:6 - 9 Claude Goudimel; Psalm 19:1 & 2; Psalm 73:8 & 9; Cantata: A Mighty Fortress is Our God Jan Zwart; Psalm 15; etc. (the 70 minute CD also includes a number of Psalms and a Hymn from the cassette Rejoicing in the Lord).

Byron Snapp in The Presbyterian Witness: The words of the selections (with the exception of the two organ solos) are included. My family has greatly appreciated listening to this CD. The quality is excellent. The selections are sung by choirs and sometimes by the entire audience.

Compact Disc CMR 105-2 US$21.99

Cassette CMR 105-4 US$10.99

Psalmsing tot Gods Eer

42 Genevan Psalms sung in Afrikaans by the Odé Ensemble

Soprano: Alna Smit; Altos: Philna Badenhorst & Lilian Freedman; Tenor: Wimpie Kotze; Bass: Eric Kayayan. Includes stanzas of Psalms 84, 34, 66, 24, 25, 61, 27, 65, 43, 121, 3, 75, 99, 131, 124, etc.

Compact Disc 1401032 US$27.00

John Calvin's Psalms DVD & Audio package


(Regular US$122.92)


DVD With Joyful Psalm and Song

CD Great is the Lord! Him Greatly Laud

CD Sing to the Lord

CD God's Truth Abideth Still

CD Psalmsing tot Gods Eer

John Calvin's Goudimel package


(Regular US$99.95)


Book The Genevan Psalms in Harmony by Claude Goudimel

4 Compact Discs Theresa Janssen Plays the Genevan Psalms of Claude Goudimel

John Calvin's Book package


(Regular US$66.75)


Under Calvin's Spell by Deborah Alcock

John Calvin: Genius of Geneva by Lawrence Penning

Calvin’s Doctrine of the Word and Sacrament by Ronald S. Wallace

Calvin: Commentaries (Topical Selection by Joseph Haroutunian)

John Calvin's Great Special package


(Regular US$289.60)


Under Calvin's Spell by Deborah Alcock

John Calvin: Genius of Geneva by Lawrence Penning

Calvin’s Doctrine of the Word and Sacrament by Ronald S. Wallace

Calvin: Commentaries (Topical Selection by Joseph Haroutunian)

Book The Genevan Psalms in Harmony by Claude Goudimel

4 Compact Discs Theresa Janssen Plays the Genevan Psalms of Claude Goudimel

DVD With Joyful Psalm and Song

CD Great is the Lord! Him Greatly Laud

CD Sing to the Lord

CD God's Truth Abideth Still

CD Psalmsing tot Gods Eer

New . . .


Includes an Audio CD of the full text to read along!

9781615396504 - US$ 12.99






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