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Where Everything Points to Him by K. Deddens

Jack Whytock in Christian Observer: . . . this book is most helpful particularly I believe for Presbyterians to take time and read. . . the remainder of Where Everything Points to Him is basically an analysis and commentary on the constituting elements in worship in these Reformed Churches. It certainly makes for some interesting and edifying reading. . . I encourage a wide audience of our readers to study this book.

Subject: Liturgy Age: 16-99

ISBN 0-921100-39-6 US$10.90

Our Reformed Curch Service Book by G. Van Rongen

The author deals with the history of the Book of Praise, Anglo-Genevan Psalter and with the history of Reformed Psalters and liturgies from the early church till today.

Subject: Liturgy / Psalter Age: 16-99

ISBN 0-921100-52-3 US$15.95

Fulfil Your Ministry by K. Deddens

A book for all who serve, not only ministers and elders but also as regular members of the church.

Subject: Pastoral Theology / Liturgy Age: 18-99

ISBN 0-88756-048-2 US$13.45

Bound Yet Free Edited by J. De Jong

Readings in Reformed Church Polity

The aim of this book is to set forth the Scriptural principles of Reformed church polity. Considering the paucity of material on Reformed church government, it fills a critical gap in ecclesiastical literature today. It is also designed to assist in answering many questions concerning the proper order of church government and the role of major assemblies in Reformed church government. The articles will assist churches grappling with the issues of independence and hierarchical government to implement patterns of order that model Biblical teaching.

Subject: Church Polity Age: 18-99

ISBN 0-88756-061-X US$11.50

Spiritual Order for the Church by Clarence Bouwman

This book is an attempt to draw out from the Bible how the Lord would have His Church be governed. Through a process of detailed Scripture study, the author concludes that the historic Church Order of Dort encapsulates God's revealed wish for how matters ought to be done in His Churches. As the ecclesiastical scene moves and changes, churches do well to look at the Scriptures behind Dort and apply the principles of Reformed Church Polity with renewed enthusiasm.

Subject: Church Polity Age: 16-99

ISBN 0-88756-079-2 US$16.00

With Common Consent by W.W.J. Van Oene

A practical guide to the use of the Church Order of the Canadian Reformed Churches. The conditions for living together in one federation as formulated by the Synod of Dordrecht 1618-1619 stood for almost two centuries. It is, therefore, customary to speak of the Church Order of Dordrecht. May it suffice to state that our present Church Order is still essentially the same as the one adopted in Dordrecht, even though changes had to be made in the course of the years.

Subject: Church Order Age: 16-99

ISBN 0-88756-050-4 US$22.00

The Beauty of Reformed Liturgy by G. Van Dooren

What, then, is the specific essence, character, and form of Reformed liturgy? It is COVENANTAL. Rev. Van Dooren ends the introduction of this book with the following paragraph: We conclude with another quotation from C. Trimp, p. 12: Liturgical questions demanded the attention of the re-formed Churches even before Creeds and a Catechism. It was in her re-formed liturgy that the re-formed Churches presented themselves to the world, also the world of the false church.

Subject: Liturgy Age: 15-99

ISBN 0-88756-023-7 US$8.50




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