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2023 update: Since 2014, our book club has been more or less non-active since high shipping rates caused us to deliver books in person instead.

From the end of March to June, 2023, we plan to visit most bookclub members in Canada, and contact the others (also the members in the U.S.A.) by telephone and / or email.

The I.P. Books with Book Club Prices page has been updated on March 8, 2023.


* As a member you may get the new books of Inheritance Publications at a special price.

* You have the right to return new I.P. books within 10 days from the day of delivery.

* You don’t have to send an order each time a new book is published.

* New Members can obtain for three years older I.P. books at the original Book Club Price (if applicable when a book has been reprinted, it is only available at the regular price. Books that have been returned can NOT be ordered later at the book club price).

* There is no postage charge on orders over $ 100.00!

* There is no annual fee to join our Book Club. However, we do require that you MAIL an order of at least $100.00 worth (a saving of likely about $20.00 you do not have to pay any postage either), or send a $100.00 deposit when you join our Book Club.

* In order to save on postage, we aim at delivering one shipment per yearl.


You can join different categories.


Cat. A: Selected new books from Inheritance Publications (about 10 books per year)

Cat. B: Selected new children- and adult-fiction books from I.P. (about 7 or 8 books per year)

Cat. C: Selected new study books from I.P. (about 2 or 3 books per year)

Cat. D: Selected new books from I.P. and Premier Publishing (about 12 books per year)

Cat. E: Selected new study books from I.P. and Premier Publishing (about 4 or 5 books per year)

Cat. F: Same as Cat. D plus similar books from other Reformed Publishers

Cat. G: Same as Cat. E plus similar (study) books from other Reformed Publishers

Cat. M: New Volumes of The Dort Study Bible


Inheritance Publications reserves the right to terminate a membership.

Our books are usually based on historical facts and/or contain sound Biblical doctrines.

Please do NOT join the book club if you are not planning to keep most of the books I.P. will send you.



(if you place an order by email of $ 100.00 or more from the

I.P. Books with Book Club Prices page

we will enter you as a member in an applicable category and you do not need to send this form)

Name ____________________________________________ Date ____________________

Address ___________________________________________________________________

City & Province _____________________________________________________________

Postal code / Zip _______________ Tel. ________________________________________

Membership Category _____

Please fill in the membership form and email it to


or by mail to:

Inheritance Publications

3317 Township Rd 624, County of Barrhead AB T0G 1R1 Canada





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