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William of Orange - The Silent Prince

by W.G. Van de Hulst

Whether you are old or young you will enjoy this biography on the life of William of Orange. Read it and give it as a birthday present to your children or grandchildren. A fascinating true story about one of the greatest princes who ever lived and already by his contemporaries justly compared to King David.

Time: 1533-1584 Age: 7-99

ISBN 0-921100-15-9 US$11.95

The William & Mary Trilogy

by Marjorie Bowen

The life of William III, Prince of Orange, Stadtholder of the United Netherlands, and King of England (with Queen Mary II) is one of the most fascinating in all of history. Both the author and the publisher of these books have been interested in this subject for many years. Although the stories as told in these books are partly fictional, all the main events are faithful to history.

Time: 1670-1702 Age: 14-99



The William & Mary Trilogy Vol 2 by Marjorie Bowen

D.J. Engelsma wrote in The Standard Bearer about Volume 1: This is great reading for all ages, high school and older. I Will Maintain is well written historical fiction with a solid, significant, moving historical base . . . No small part of the appeal and worth of the book is the lively account of the important history of one of the world's greatest nations, the Dutch. This history was bound up with the Reformed faith and had implications for the exercise of Protestantism throughout Europe. Christian high schools could profitably assign the book, indeed, the whole trilogy, for history or literature classes.

C. Farenhorst wrote in Christian Renewal about Volume 1: An excellent tool for assimilating historical knowledge without being pained in the process, I Will Maintain is a very good read. Take it along on your holidays. Its sequel Defender of the Faith, is much looked forward to.

Volume 2 - Defender of the Faith ISBN 0-921100-43-4 US$19.90

The William & Mary Trilogy Vol 3 by Marjorie Bowen

The life of William III, Prince of Orange, Stadtholder of the United Netherlands, and King of England (with Queen Mary II) is one of the most fascinating in all of history. Both the author and the publisher of these books have been interested in this subject for many years. Although the stories as told in these books are partly fictional, all the main events are faithful to history.

F. Pronk wrote in The Messenger about Volume 1: The author is well-known for her well-researched fiction based on the lives of famous historical characters. The religious convictions of the main characters are portrayed with authenticity and integrity. This book is sure to enrich one's understanding of Protestant Holland and will hold the reader spell-bound.

Volume 3 - For God and the King ISBN 0-921100-44-2 US$19.90



The Dort Study Bible

An English translation of the Annotations to the Dutch Staten Bijbel of 1637 in accordance with a decree of the Synod of Dort 1618-1619

Vol. 1 Genesis and Exodus ISBN 1-894666-51-8 US$24.95

Vol. 2 Leviticus - Deuteronomy ISBN 1-894666-52-6 US$24.95

Vol. 3 Joshua - 2 Samuel ISBN 1-894666-53-4 US$24.95

Vol. 4 1 Kings-1 Chronicles ISBN 978-1-89466654-1 US$24.95

Vol. 5 2 Chronicles - Job ISBN 978-1-894666-55-8 US$24.95

Order the set of 5 from Genesis to Job for $100.00

and receive the next volumes also at US$20.00 each

Schilder's Struggle for the Unity of the Church by Rudolf Van Reest

Klaas Schilder is remembered both for his courageous stand in opposition to Nazism, which led to his imprisonment three months after the Nazis overran The Netherlands in 1940, and for his role in the Church struggle in The Netherlands, which culminated in 1944 with the suspension of scores of office-bearers and the formation of the liberated Reformed Churches.

Thomas Vanden Heuvel in The Outlook: I strongly recommend this book for everyone interested in the preservation of and propagation of the Reformed faith.

Time: 1890-1952 Age: 16-99

Paperback ISBN 1-894666-79-8 US$19.95



Salt in His Blood The Life of Michael De Ruyter

by William R. Rang

Liz Buist in Reformed Perspective: This book is a fictional account of the life of Michael de Ruyter, who as a schoolboy already preferred life at sea to being at school. De Ruyter is known as the greatest Dutch admiral, who, in spite of his successful career as a sailor captain and pirate hunter, remained humble and faithful to his God who had called him to serve his country. The author brings to life many adventures at sea that keep the reader spellbound, eager to know what the next chapter will bring. . . This book is highly recommended as a novel way to acquiring knowledge of a segment of Dutch history, for avid young readers and adults alike.

Time: 1607-1676 Age: 10-99

ISBN 0-921100-59-0 US$11.95

A Theatre in Dachau by Hermanus Knoop

In the concentration camp of Dachau the God of all grace did wonders of grace by His Word and Spirit every day. Oh, it was indeed a dreadful time for me that I spent there, and yet it is not at all a hollow phrase when I say that I would for no amount of money have missed this time of my life, since it was so unspeakably rich in grace. I saw God there. The Lord was in this place. It was a house of God and a gate of heaven.

Time: 1940-1943 Age: 14-99

ISBN 0-921100-20-5 US$14.95




The Self-Justification of God in the Life of Job

by Kornelis Sietsma

Christine Farenhorst in Christian Renewal: While reading these sermons both my husband and myself became convinced of the fact that Rev. Sietsma was a compassionate and caring shepherd. His concern for and knowledge of the sheep in his care is obvious. The message of the all-powerful providential hand of God, so necessary for our own time, is conveyed.

Subject: Book of Job Age: 16-99

ISBN 0-921100-24-8 US$10.95

Sample intro and verse of the Dort Study Bible

2 Samuel 23

The last words of David, in which he testifies of his calling from God to the royal and prophetical office, v. 1. He prophesies of the Messiah Jesus Christ, and the blessed salvation under His reign, with the acknowledgment of the faults of his house, and a confession of his confidence in God's everlasting covenant of grace, v. 3. He announces everlasting destruction to the ungodly, v. 6. A history of David's heroes and their courage, v. 8.

1. Moreover, these are the last words1 of David. David the son of Jesse says, and the man who was raised up on high, the anointed2 of the God of Jacob, and pleasant in Psalms3 of Israel, says:

1 Before his death, according to the example of Jacob in Gen. 49, and of Moses in Deut. 32 & 33.

2 Lifted up from low conditions and anointed as king over the people of God.

3 Which he wrote for the church of God by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.




RT12 Coronation of Glory by Deborah Meroff

The true story of seventeen-year-old Lady Jane Grey, Queen of England for nine days.

"Miss Meroff . . . has fictionalized the story of Lady Jane Grey in a thoroughly absorbing manner . . . she has succeeded in making me believe this is what really happened. I kept wanting to read on the book is full of action and interest."

Elisabeth Elliot

Time: 1537-1554 Age: 14-99

ISBN 0-921100-78-7 US$17.95

Fifty Years in the Church Of Rome by Charles Chiniquy

The Unabridged Reprint of the Revised and Complete Edition of 1914

Charles Chiniquy, noted author of Fifty Years in the Church of Rome, was converted to Jesus Christ after serving in the Roman Catholic priesthood for twenty-five years. As a priest he earned the confidence and love of the people and special marks of approbation and favour from his superiors (including the Supreme Pontiff). For reasons drawn from the Word of God he withdrew from the Church of Rome, publicly renouncing her distinctive dogmas. As a faithful minister of the Gospel he suffered many trials at the hand of the Adversary, narrowly escaping death on several occasions. As a soldier of the Cross he warred a good warfare for the King of kings and Lord of lords. In his ninetieth year Charles Chiniquy peacefully fell asleep in Jesus, after faithfully serving "Forty Years in the Church of Christ."

Subject: Biography 1809-1899 Age: 16-99

ISBN 978-1-928136-70-5 US$29.90




Gold, Frankincense,

and Myrrh

Daily Meditations on the Bible

by Klaas Schilder

"For whoever has, to him more will be given." For this reason the wise men came to honour the King with gold, frankincense, and myrrh. But that was only at the hour of promise. Promises are not expensive. Yet, how God tested them when they found the Child! There was no throne for Him. And there were no people either. Their star did not rest above a palace. Then in their hearts they thought of another truth, "Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken away." They would not have said it in these words, yet the question would have burned in their hearts, "Should we take the treasures back again? The King is not what we dreamt . . ." But God overcame them: they truly opened their treasure bags for Him and all was indeed for Him! The wise men understood that it is easy to imagine giving gifts to a Lord of our imagination, but it is difficult to give treasures to a King who makes no effort to be as we considered Him to be.

— from the meditation of January 1

4 volumes US$39.95


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