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The Bible, The Church, and Donald Trump

Dear Friends,

This issue of No Greater Joy may seem very political and not very business-like. As a matter of fact, if ever I expect a lot of requests to be removed from our own email list (made up nearly exclusively of customers who have bought books, DVDs, CDs, Sheetmusic, etc. from us in the past) it is now. Yet, I love the Lord (Do you remember the CD I mentioned in my first No Greater Joy email? On one of my visits a little girl right away started singing Psalm 116 when she saw the CD — if you do not have it yet BUY IT!) and believe that all of life is one, and will gladly suffer for being obedient to my Lord.

God has given us the Bible, and many people do not realize how busy Satan is to distort that Word. He has been very successful. I believe that Chris Pinto has been very blessed by God to reveal the truth about the corruption behind the RSV, NIV, ESV, and other contemporary "translations of the Bible". Do YOU have your eyes open?

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No Greater Joy - Chris Pinto DVDs on the Bible



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Featured Speakers: Dr. Phil Stringer, Dr. David Brown, David Daniels, Dr. D.A. Waite, Dr. Jack Moorman, Dr. Kirk DiVietro, Dr. H.D. Williams, Dr. Ronald Cooke & Dr. James R. White.


In 1881, two scholars named Westcott and Hort published a revision of the New Testament that would send shockwaves through the academic world. Their new textual theory declared that the King James Version (which had been trusted for centuries) was full of errors. Sacred readings, long cherished by the faithful, were now declared to be forgeries. The world was informed that the book, which had been called the inerrant Word of God, was in need of correction.

The new theory claimed that recently recovered manuscripts revealed a truer version of Scripture. Yet others warned that these manuscripts were, in fact, the creation of early Gnostic heretics that had been rightly abandoned centuries before. Was the new revision filled with ancient corruptions?

Follow the story of the Bible’s controversial history into the twentieth century, as the work of Westcott and Hort would transform biblical scholarship, inspire the work of various Bible Societies, and pave the way for the cause of ecumenical unity between Evangelical Protestants and Rome.

Set of 3 DVDs & Book

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Chris Pinto has done more. He has also helped me (as did others such as recently Dr. Allan Friz) not to be ashamed of defending and promoting Donald Trump. It has happened to me twice lately that good friends or family members walked away from me after church when I pleaded with them to listen to Trump himself and not to what the media says about him. I believe that those people are in danger of speaking false witness against their neighbour.


As a result I have decided to help Mr. Trump (NO, HE DOES NOT PAY ME FOR THIS — he does not even know about it yet on September 19, 2016) by writing a dedication to him

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in front of a most important book by Prof. Benne Holwerda (1909-1952), Bride or Harlot.

I also asked the printer to send him, his wife, and his son some other books, and am planning to send him, after he should have received those, some more books, which ALSO ARE GOOD FOR YOU!!! They are clearly displayed here .

You can order the book via

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You can also download, free of charge (donations are welcome at, an audio version or ebook both via our website and from YouTube.

May God bless our efforts, bless Mr. Trump, cause him to be a blessing for the United States of America and the world, bless all of you, and cause you to be a blessing for others too.

With friendly regards,

Roelof A. Janssen

Please feel free to make other conscientious people aware of our websites.

Many will be thankful for it! Thank you for your assistance in this important work.






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