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Israel's Hope and Expectation by Rudolf Van Reest

G. Nederveen in Clarion: This is one of the best novels I have read of late. I found it captivating and hard to put down. Here is a book that is not time-bound and therefore it will never be outdated.

The story takes place around the time of Jesus' birth. It is written by someone who has done his research about the times between the Old and New Testament period. The author informs you in an easy style about the period of the Maccabees. . . Van Reest is a good storyteller. His love for the Bible and biblical times is evident from the start. He shows a good knowledge of the customs and mannerisms in Israel. Many fine details add to the quality of the book. You will be enriched in your understanding of the ways in the Old Testament.

Time: Inter-Testament Period Age: 15-99

ISBN 0-921100-22-1 US$19.95

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Quintus by R. Weerstand

A Story About the

Persecution of Christians

at the Time of Emperor Nero

The history of the Church in a.d. 64 is written with blood and tears. This book, based on historical facts, relates what happened in Rome in the summer of that year. It is a gripping chronicle. In the story we meet Quintus, the central character. He is a typical Roman boy, who through a number of ordeals experiences the grace of God.

Time: a.d. 64 Age: 12-99

ISBN 1-894666-70-4 US$10.90

Against the World - The Odyssey of Athanasius

by Henry W. Coray

Muriel R. Lippencott in The Christian Observer: [it] . . . is a partially fictionalized profile of the life of Athanasius . . . who died in a.d. 373. Much of the historical content is from the writing of reliable historians. Some parts of the book, while the product of the author's imagination, set forth accurately the spirit and the temper of the times, including the proceedings and vigorous debates that took place in Alexandria and Nicea. . . This is the story that Rev. Coray so brilliantly tells.

Time: a.d. 331-373 Age: 16-99

ISBN 0-921100-35-3 US$9.95

A Child’s Victory by Deborah Alcock

A Story of the Twelfth Century

On a sultry summer’s day, in the twelfth century, a little girl stood at a street door in one of the close, narrow alleys of a Flemish town. Her dress indicated poverty, though not neglect. Other children were playing near; she heard their voices, and looked at them for a few moments with curiosity and interest in her large blue eyes, but apparently with no wish to join their sports. Far more earnestly did she gaze to the right, where the long alley terminated in a broader street, from which a stream of intensely vivid sunlight poured, illuminating a corner of the shaded alley, with the Madonna in her niche, as well as the quaint carvings that adorned the house of rich Master Andreas the weaver. What would little Arlette have given to see one figure that she knew turn from the sunshine into the shadow!

Time: 1100s Age: 12-99

ISBN 978-1-928136-92-7 US$7.90

RT01 Hubert Ellerdale by W. Oak Rhind

A Tale of the Days of Wycliffe

Christine Farenhorst in Christian Renewal: Christians often tend to look on the Reformation as the pivotal turning point in history during which the Protestants took off the chains of Rome. This small work of fiction draws back the curtains of history a bit further than Luther's theses. Wycliffe was the morning star of the Reformation and his band of Lollards a band of faithful men who were persecuted because they spoke out against salvation by works. Hubert Ellerdale was such a man and his life (youth, marriage, and death), albeit fiction, is set parallel to Wycliffe's and Purvey's.

Rhind writes with pathos and the reader can readily identify with his lead characters. This novel deserves a well-dusted place in a home, school, or church library.

Time: 1380-1420 Age: 13-99

ISBN 0-921100-09-4 US$12.95

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RT02Crushed Yet Conquering

by Deborah Alcock

A gripping story filled with accurate historical facts about John Huss and the Hussite wars. Hardly any historical novel can be more captivating and edifying than this book. Even if Deborah Alcock was not the greatest of nineteenth century authors, certainly she is our most favourite.

— Roelof & Theresa Janssen

Time: 1414-1436 Age: 11-99

ISBN 1-894666-01-1 US$19.95

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RT03 The Roman Students by Deborah Alcock

A Tale of the Renaissance

Raymond felt the force of the last argument. Besides, he could not contend the point; his schoolfellow had him in his power. A little water from the crystal flask that lay on the table, a fine white kerchief from the looms of Cambray, and a pair of gentle, firm, skilful hands soon accomplished the task. Theodore’s words sometimes missed their aim, and hurt where they meant to heal, his fingers never. Their very form — long, slender, sensitive — evidenced at once fineness of perception and exquisite dexterity.

Meanwhile the schoolfellows talked of the unfair and dastardly conduct of the Nicoloti, and formed plans of revenge. What they said was commonplace enough, but they speedily established a friendly understanding with each other.

"I had not known you were destined to be a physician," said Raymond. "Is not that to sacrifice your genius and your learning?"

Time: 1440s Age: 15-99

ISBN 978-1-928136-93-4 US$17.90


Luther the Leader by Virgil Robinson

Martin Luther's life is truly an inspiration to every Christian boy and girl. He was a pioneer among the Christians in his age and remains a leader of Christians in our age. Luther stands out among men in history as one who would not compromise his conscience.

Time: 1483-1546 Age: 9-99

IP07822 US$5.95

RT04 The Romance of Protestantism by Deborah Alcock

A wonderfully warm and loving book about the beauty of Protestantism. This topic, too often neglected and forgotten, has been revived by the author in a delightful way. Glimpses of our Protestant history are strewn in our path like jewels, whetting our appetite to read on and discover the depth of our history. Too often our role models tend to be found outside of our Christian heritage "to the neglect of the great cloud of witnesses, the magnificent roll of saints, heroes, and martyrs that belong to us as Protestants." This book is not only for adults. Young people and even older children will find riches in its depth which will encourage and build up to carry on the work of God in our own day and age.

— Theresa E. Janssen, home educating mother

Time: 1300-1700 Age: 12-99

ISBN 0-921100-88-4 US$12.95

This Was John Calvin by Thea Van Halsema

Roger Nicole: "The most lively and readable biography of Calvin available in English."

J.H. Kromminga: "Though it reads as smoothly as a well written novel, it is crammed with important facts. It is scholarly and popular at the same time. The book will hold the interest of the young but will also bring new information to the well informed. . . . This book recognizes the true greatness of the man without falling into distortions of the truth to protect that greatness."

John Calvin comes alive as the author brings imagination as well as research to bear upon her subject. Her portrayal of the Genevan reformer is both appealing and honest.From this account, Calvin no longer is seen merely as "carved like a monument in the panorama of human history," but has become vivid, lifelike, and real. This is biography at its best.

Time: 1509-1564 Age: 12-99

ISBN 978-1-894666-90-9 US$11.95

RT07 John Calvin: Genius of Geneva by Lawrence Penning

A Popular Account of the Life and Times of John Calvin

The publishing of this book is a direct fruit of the reading and publishing of Under Calvin's Spell by Deborah Alcock which is a great novel and gives a very good description of life in and around Geneva. However it tells little about Calvin himself. As a result I read Penning's book and was quickly convinced that both books should be published as companion editions, Alcock's book being the introduction and Penning's book the "full" story. Also today the world needs to know it's most important historical facts and since upon the mouth of two witnesses the truth of a matter is to be established we send out in these two books the true story of John Calvin.

Calvin is perhaps the most important person who lived after Biblical times (seconded by Martin Luther, William of Orange, Michael de Ruyter, and William III of Orange). To know and understand how the Lord has used these people in the history of His Church and world will stir in any reader the desire to follow them in their footsteps. Roelof A. Janssen

Time: 1509-1564 Age:15-99

ISBN 1-894666-77-1 US$19.95

RT8 Under Calvin's Spell by Deborah Alcock

A Tale of theHeroic Times in Old Geneva

They had now reached the Forte Neuve, by which they entered the town, with many others who were returning from the Plain-palais. As they walked along the Corratorie they met Berthelier and Gabrielle, taking the air, as the afternoon was very fine for the season of the year. Both the lads saluted; De Marsac with a flush and a beaming smile.

"I did not know you knew them," said Norbert.

"Oh yes; did I not tell you I was going to see them? Master Berthelier's sister, Damoiselle Claudine, and I are fast friends. Some years ago when I came here first, a mere child, I was one day in the market, looking about me and buying cherries or the like, when I saw this poor damoiselle being frightened half out of her senses by a group of angry, scolding fish-women. That was before such good order was put in the market, and in all the town, thanks to Master Calvin. She had told them, quite truly, that they were trying to cheat her. I fought her battle with all my might, which in truth was not great, and at last brought her home in triumph. She was much more grateful than the occasion required, and has been my very good friend ever since. I — they — they are all good to me, though lately, being much occupied with my studies, I have seen them but seldom."

"Do you not think the young damoiselle very pretty?" asked Norbert. "I do."

"She is beautiful," Louis answered quietly; and the subject dropped.

Time: 1542-1564 Age:14-99

ISBN 1-894666-04-6 US$14.95

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A Dictionary of Lowland Scotch by Charles Mackay

With an Introductory Chapter on the Poetry, Humour, and Literary History of the Scottish Language and an Appendix of Scottish Proverbs

"Broad Scotch," says Dr. Adolphus Wagner, the erudite and sympathetic editor of the Poems of Robert Burns, published in Leipzig, in 1835, "is literally broadened, — i.e., a language or dialect very worn off, and blotted, whose original stamp often is unknowable, because the idea is not always to be guessed at." This strange mistake is not confined to the Germans, but prevails to a large extent among Englishmen, who are of opinion that Scotch is a provincial dialect ofthe English, — like that of Lancashire or Yorkshire, — and not entitled to be called a language. The truth is, that English and Lowland Scotch were originally the same, but that the literary and social influences of London as the real metropolis of both countries, especially after the transfer of the royal family of Stuart from Edinburgh to London, at the commencement of the seventeenth century, favoured the infusion of a Latin element into current English, which the Scotch were slow to adopt.

ISBN 978-1-77298-028-8 US$22.90


RT09 Prisoners of Hope by Deborah Alcock

A Story of the Faith

"Not my sister," interposed Will.

"I thought her your sister — but no matter. It makes no difference. You will take my message all the same. Have a care of the lantern, Boy; you will let it fall. Look! The light is out. Well, no harm is done; we will soon be at the clearing now, and in full daylight. I was saying — if you love me, Will, and that I am sure you do — say to Maria that the word we spoke to one another lies ever between us, and God heard it."

Will was silent from amazement, perhaps from something else.

"Do you hear me, Friend?" asked Bilek.

"Yes, I hear," faltered Will.

He felt as if a great stone had fallen on him and crushed him. In his pain he said a thing which perhaps, under all the circumstances, was not wise or generous.

Time: 1548-1560 Age: 14-99

ISBN 978-1-894666-07-7 US$ 9.90

RT10 The Spanish Brothers by Deborah Alcock

A Tale of the Sixteenth Century

"He could not die thus for his faith. On the contrary, it cost him but little to conceal it. What, then, had they which he had not? Something that enabled even poor, wild, passionate Gonsalvo to forgive and pray for the murderers of the woman he loved. What was it?"

Time: 1550-1565 Age: 14-99

ISBN 1-894666-02-x US$14.95

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RT11 Under the Inquisition

by Elizabeth H. Walshe

The Reformation Trail Series

A Story of the Reformation in Italy

"You have forgotten that you should confess Christ’s Name; and do you not remember, O deluded people, that whoever confesses not Christ upon earth, shall be denied by Him before His Father and the holy angels? Certainly you are not alone in this backsliding. There may be some in our valleys of the Alps who carry with them certificates that they are genuine papists, and have their children baptized by priests with all the mummeries of superstition, yes, and go to the so-called sacrifice of the mass, openly bowing the knee to Baal, that they may be seen of men; and they excuse themselves — verily a fancied excuse! — by saying secretly when they enter the mass house, ‘Cave of robbers, may God confound you!’ I have heard that similar practices extend even here. My brothers, such duplicity is intolerable to the righteous Lord. Do you think that He will not protect the men who range themselves under His banner against Antichrist, in the face of all the world? I tell you, that if all the devils on earth and in hell were leagued to destroy you, mightier is He that is for you than all that can be against you! Your Father can sheath the sword and quench the faggot of the persecutor, if it is His will; and if it is not His will — O servants of Christ! Will there not be a quicker entrance into the joy of your Lord, and a more dazzling crown of glory!"

Sobs and moans came from that excitable southern audience; glowing eyes, betokening glowing hearts, met the youthful preacher’s every look.

. . . Thus Paschali enunciated the principles which were to guide his ministry.

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Time 1554-1563 Age: 14-99

ISBN 978-1-894666-30-5 US$17.95

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RT12 Coronation of Glory by Deborah Meroff

The true story of seventeen-year-old Lady Jane Grey, Queen of England for nine days.

"Miss Meroff . . . has fictionalized the story of Lady Jane Grey in a thoroughly absorbing manner . . . she has succeeded in making me believe this is what really happened. I kept wanting to read on the book is full of action and interest."

Elisabeth Elliot

[Note from Inheritance Publications: This book, originally published by Zondervan in 1979, was well received on our visits to schools and churches. Several people had told us that Canadians were not interested in history. And so we used Coronation of Glory and This Was John Calvin by Thea Van Halsema to discover whether this rumour was correct. We thankfully report that it was proven wrong. We sold many copies of the above mentioned books to the great satisfaction of our customers. Since then we began publishing books on our own. God blessed our efforts so that we could publish e.g. the William & Mary Trilogy. It is now our pleasure to republish Coronation of Glory.]

Time: 1537-1554 Age: 14-99

ISBN 0-921100-78-7 US$17.95

RT13 Doctor Adrian by Deborah Alcock

A Story of Old Holland

Doctor Adrian was a scholar living in quiet seclusion in Antwerp, the Netherlands, until a fugitive Protestant preacher and his daughter Rose sought sanctuary in his rooms. Before he knew it, he became involved with the Protestant cause, and eventually embraced it in theory. When the persecution of the Reformed was stepped up, Doctor Adrian made the dangerous journey to Leyden with his family. They survived the siege of Leyden, along with Adrian's sister Marie. When the siege was lifted by the fleets of William of Orange, they moved to Utrecht. Doctor Adrian's faith in the Reformed religion died when he experienced the loss of some of his loved ones, but a new faith in the Author of that religion took its place.

This is a tale of a doctor and his contact with William, Prince of Orange, and of his spiritual journey.

Time: 1560-1584 Age: 12-99

ISBN 1-894666-05-4 US$15.95

The Martyr of Kolin by H.O. Ward

A Story of the Bohemian Persecution

When I reached home from afternoon school, I went up to a little upper chamber which Wilma and I had as our own, and there I found my sister — who was at the time a fair young maiden of thirteen — busy with her needle.

"Well, Sister," said I, "so we are to have another of these good gentlemen tonight."

"He has come," she said mysteriously.

"Has he? What is he like?" I asked.

"I have not seen him, for he is closeted with our father in his private chamber."

"Will he sup openly with us tonight?"

"Yes, I think so. Elspeth will keep a careful watch, and there is the door behind the tapestry, you know, in case of a surprise."

Time: 1560-1580 Age: 12-99

ISBN 978-1-928136-47-7 US$12.90

RT15 Not for Crown or Scepter by Deborah Alcock

A Story of Sweden in the 16th Century

The Reformation Trail Series

Pastor Sten Nilson, a tall, noble-looking man, stood up to welcome his brother, with a smile on his lips and a glad light in his frank blue eyes. But the next moment he drew back disappointed, and even a little annoyed; for "mine host" was ushering in a stranger, an elderly man in a fur coat, holding by the hand a little boy about seven . . .

[The boy asked] with a half timid, half confiding air, "What book is that?"

Surprised at the question from so young a child, the Pastor answered, "It is the Red Book, my son."

The boy looked up indignantly, all his shyness gone. " ’Tis not red," he said, " ’tis brown, nearly black. I thought pastors always spoke the truth."

ISBN 978-1-928136-28-6 US$25.90

Robert Musgrave’s Adventure by Deborah Alcock

A Story of Old Geneva

"Josef . . . the servant, ye know," said Jeannot, "told us how the soldiers of Captain Brunaulieu’s corps, as they came to a halt outside the town, found amongst them a boy who was evidently a Genevan. They seized him, and brought him to the Captain. He said he was an Englishman, which, I suppose, is another kind of heretic . . . oh, I crave pardon of your Worthinesses . . ."

"Never mind our Worthinesses, but go on with thy story," said someone.

"The Captain would have had him run through at once. But the holy Friar who was with them — Friar Alexander the Scotchman, they called him — bade spare him, as he might be of use in the town for a guide. ’Twas just then that Josef, who told us the tale, came up, being sent on a message . . ."

Time: 1602 Age: 12-99

ISBN 978-1-928136-32-3 US$8.90


RT17 The Days of Prince Maurits by Mary O. Nutting (Mary Barrett)

The Story of the Netherland War from the Death of William the Silent to its Close 1584-1648

The period during which Maurits of Nassau was the leader of the Netherland people is one which claims attention, not only on account of its exciting and memorable events, but even more because of its intimate connection with the subsequent history of England and of America. The writer has aimed to tell the story so that it shall be neither too long to be easily read, nor so condensed as to seem dry.

Among the works most consulted have been those of Motley, Davies, and Grattan, together with Rogers’ "Story of Holland" and Markham’s "The Fighting Veres." Some original authorities also have been used, particularly Meteren’s "History of the Low Countries," and "Les Lauriers de Nassau," by Orlers and Haestens, a very rare book published at Leyden in 1612, which narrates the victories won while Prince Maurits was commander-in-chief. It is illustrated with many careful representations of battles and sieges, and gives an excellent portrait of the prince, which is reproduced here.

Time: 1584-1648 Age: 13-99

ISBN 978-1-928136-91-0 US$25.90

Prince and Heretic by Marjorie Bowen

A Novel on William the Silent vol. 1

"The mind and the soul are not in the keeping of king nor priest — no man has a lordship over another man’s conscience. All history has proved that." —William of Orange

Here is a fascinating historical novel for teenagers and adults about one of the greatest heroes of all time. William of Orange, considered today the father of Europe (and who can also fittingly be called the step-father of North America and the whole free western world) sets the stage as stadtholder of the Roman Catholic King of Spain, Philip II. William, though a nominal Roman Catholic at the time, determines to help the persecuted Protestants and in the process marries the Protestant Princess Anne of Saxony. But will Anne truly be a helpmeet for her husband? When he is pressed to take up the sword against King Philip he does not hesitate. In his struggles, William not only finds the God of his mother but grows in courage and the conviction that God has chosen him to be a faithful instrument to gain freedom for Christ’s Church. William sacrifices all his possessions to pay the hired soldiers, but is it of any use? His brothers, Lodewyk, John, Adolphus, and Henry, also give all they have for the cause of freedom of a country which can hardly be called their own. Behind these heroes, a faithful praying mother, Juliana of Stolberg, waits for news at the German castle of Dillenburg.

Time: 1560-1568 Age: 13-99

ISBN 978-0-921100-56-0 US$17.95

William by the Grace of God by Marjorie Bowen

A Novel on William the Silent vol. 2

The sequel to Prince and Heretic, by Marjorie Bowen.

King Philip II of Spain is prepared to make any concession to the lowlands, except freedom of conscience and worship and thus William of Orange continues in the struggle for true liberty. More important noblemen and personal friends sacrifice their lives, leaving few of William’s original friends alive. But Charlotte de Bourbon is ready to encourage her hero despite all the crises he must endure. When Leyden is under siege William becomes ill. Will the cause have to be given up?

King Philip, in the meantime, is furious because he cannot get rid of William. Everyone on his black list is dead but not the most important one: William of Orange. In a fury he writes the Ban and publishes it abroad. With this permission to dispose of his enemy in any way, the King is sure someone will kill William for him. After all, they will receive a great reward: a high position and name, wealth, fame . . . Will King Philip’s plan succeed?

Time: 1569-1584 Age: 13-99

ISBN 978-0-921100-57-7 US$17.95

Three Men Came to Heidelberg by Thea Van Halsema

& Glorious Heretic: the Story of Guido de Brès

From the sixteenth-century Protestant Reformation came two outstanding statements of faith: The Heidelberg Catechism (1563) and the Belgic Confession (1561). The stories behind these two historic documents are in this small book.

Frederick, a German prince, asked a preacher and a professor to meet at Heidelberg to write a statement of faith that would help teach his people the truths of the Bible. The result was the Heidelberg Catechism.

The writer of the Belgic Confession was a hunted man most of his life. Originally he wrote the confession as an appeal to the King of Spain to have mercy on the Protestants he was persecuting in the Lowlands. Not only was the request denied, but for his efforts the brilliant heretic de Brès was imprisoned and hanged by the Spanish invaders.

Time: 1556-1587 Age: 12-99

ISBN 978-1-894666-89-3 US$9.95

Trust God, Keep the Faith

by Bartha Hill - de Bres

The Story of Guido de Bres

During the late sixteenth century the Reformation was sweeping across Europe. As the Bible became a loved book by the common man, many people questioned the beliefs and practices of the Roman Catholic Church at the perils of their lives. By torture and cruel deaths the priests attempted to return these “rebels” to the church.In the midst of this battle Guido de Bres lived as he died — trusting God and keeping the faith.Nearly five hundred years have passed since he was born, but the confession of faith written by Guido de Bres — a wonderful summary of God’s Word — continues to live on in the lives of Reformed people around the world.This book, written by one of his descendants, is about Guido de Bres. It describes the time in which he lived, and the confession of faith God allowed him to write.Though intended for older children it also will be enjoyed by adults.

Time: 1522-1567 Age: 12-99

ISBN 978-0-921100-10-2 US$9.95

Love in Times of Reformation

by William P. Balkenende

N.N. in The Trumpet: This historical novel plays in The Netherlands during the rise of the protestant Churches, under the persecution of Spain, in the latter half of the sixteenth century. Breaking with the Roman Catholic Church in favor of the new faith is for many an intense struggle. Anthony Tharret, the baker's apprentice, faces his choice before the R.C. Church's influenced Baker's Guild. His love for Jeanne la Solitude, the French Huguenot refugee, gives a fresh dimension to the story. Recommended! Especially for young people.

Time: 1560-1585 Age: 14-99

ISBN 0-921100-32-9 US$8.95

The TowerClock Stopped by J. DeHaan

A story during the time of the Reformation

An amazingly true story about a surprise attack by the Spanish army on Sluis, a small city in a southern coastal province of The Low Countries, now known as The Netherlands. The Dutch fought for their freedom from Spain in an eighty-year war, from 1568 to 1648. The surprise attack on Sluis is part of that war.

"As soon as I finished reading this book, I had to check Motley's United Netherlands to see if these amazing facts really happened! Yes, the Towerclock truly stopped!" — Roelof A. Janssen

Time: 1606 Age: 8-99

IP0000008516 US$9.95


Struggle for Freedom Series by Piet Prins

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Set - US$ 41.49

David Engelsma in the Standard Bearer: This is reading for Reformed children, young people, and (if I am any indication) their parents. It is the story of 12-year-old Martin Meulenberg and his family during the Roman Catholic persecution of the Reformed Christians in The Netherlands about the year 1600. A peddlar, secretly distributing Reformed books from village to village, drops a copy of Guido de Brès' True Christian Confession a booklet forbidden by the Roman Catholic authorities. An evil neighbor sees the book and informs . . .

Time: 1568-1572 Age: 10-99

Vol. 1 - When The Morning Came

ISBN 0-921100-12-4 US$11.95

Vol. 2 - Dispelling the Tyranny

ISBN 0-921100-40-X US$11.95

Vol. 3 - The Beggars' Victory

ISBN 0-921100-53-1 US$11.95

For the Heart of Holland

by Piet Prins

Struggle for Freedom Series 4

General Valdez had mercilessly surrounded Leiden with his Spanish troops. Rather than attacking the city, he let a different weapon do the work. This weapon was hunger. Hardly anyone could get into the city or out of it, and the hunger, together with the black death wreaked death and sickness among the citizens.

Elisabeth Govaerts was having trouble keeping her father and brother as well as their lodger Boudewyn fed and in good shape. It was therefore a feast when Martin Meulenberg managed to creep through the Spanish fortifications and bring Elisabeth food. But the time was short since Martin wanted to join the Sea Beggars again. He left the city with reports of starving people. Even so, the Prince of Orange was doing his best to free Leiden. But even after the dykes had been breached by the Sea Beggars the water would not rise, and thus the Sea Beggars could not sail into Leiden to liberate it. Help seemed impossible.

Time: 1573 Age: 10-99

ISBN 978-1-894666-20-6 US$12.95

The King’s Service by Deborah Alcock

A Story of the Thirty Years’ War

Once again Deborah Alcock has delicately woven together an accurate historical novel. This book gives wonderful insights into some of the events surrounding the thirty-years-war in which Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden gives his life for the Protestant cause. But even amidst the ravages of war life continues to weave its story of intrigue, romance, loyalty, and treason.

Two motherless children, Jeanie and Hugh, have been in the care of their Uncle Charlie ever since their father left about eight years earlier to fight for the Protestant cause. Uncle Charlie, a restless bachelor, subsequently leaves the bulk of Jeanie and Hugh’s upbringing to the Presbyterian minister. He faithfully teaches these orphaned children the beautiful tenants of the Reformed faith. But when Uncle Charlie decides to leave his beloved Scotland to join the army of Gustavus Adolphus in Germany, Hugh wants to go along. Jeanie will go along as companion to Captain Stuart’s wife and meets Fraulein Gertrud von Savelburg in Germany. Sifting through the reports and rumours of the times she comes to some disturbing and perplexing conclusions. What has made Uncle Charlie so sad, and why does a Roman Catholic priest regularly visit Hugh? And then there is Jonker August von Lübeling, a page of Gustavus Adolphus, who alone knows the true reports of the King’s last hours. He promises Jeanie a Nuremberg egg, but not understanding German ways she misconstrues the meaning of this promise. Will she accept his precious gift?

Time: 1630-1632 Age: 12-99

ISBN 978-1-894666-06-0 US$9.95

The Governor of England by Marjorie Bowen

A Novel on Oliver Cromwell

An historical novel in which the whole story of Cromwell's dealings with Parliament and the King is played out. It is written with dignity and conviction, and with the author's characteristic power of grasping the essential details needed to supply colour and atmosphere for the reader of the standard histories.

Time: 1645-1660 Age: 14-99

ISBN 0-921100-58-2 US$19.90

The William & Mary Trilogy

by Marjorie Bowen

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Set of 3 US$ 51.00

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The life of William III, Prince of Orange, Stadtholder of the United Netherlands, and King of England (with Queen Mary II) is one of the most fascinating in all of history. Both the author and the publisher of these books have been interested in this subject for many years. Although the stories as told in these books are partly fictional, all the main events are faithful to history.

F. Pronk wrote in The Messenger about Volume 1: The author is well-known for her well-researched fiction based on the lives of famous historical characters. The religious convictions of the main characters are portrayed with authenticity and integrity. This book is sure to enrich one's understanding of Protestant Holland and will hold the reader spell-bound.

D.J. Engelsma wrote in The Standard Bearer about Volume 1: This is great reading for all ages, high school and older. I Will Maintain is well written historical fiction with a solid, significant, moving historical base . . . No small part of the appeal and worth of the book is the lively account of the important history of one of the world's greatest nations, the Dutch. This history was bound up with the Reformed faith and had implications for the exercise of Protestantism throughout Europe. Christian high schools could profitably assign the book, indeed, the whole trilogy, for history or literature classes.

C. Farenhorst wrote in Christian Renewal about Volume 1: An excellent tool for assimilating historical knowledge without being pained in the process, I Will Maintain is a very good read. Take it along on your holidays. Its sequel Defender of the Faith, is much looked forward to.

Time: 1670-1702 Age: 14-99

Volume 1 - I Will Maintain ISBN 0-921100-42-6 US$19.90

Volume 2 - Defender of the Faith ISBN 0-921100-43-4 US$19.90

Volume 3 - For God and the King ISBN 0-921100-44-2 US$19.90

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William III and the Revolution of 1688

and Gustavus Adolphus II

2 Historical Essays by Marjorie Bowen

F.G. Oosterhoff in Reformed Perspective: I recommend this book without any hesitation. The two biographies make excellent reading, and the times the essays describe are of considerable interest and importance in the history of our civilization. Moreover, although Bowen obviously is not one in faith with Gustavus Adolphus and William of Orange, her essays relate incidents that are testimonials to God's mercies in preserving His Church. Remembering these mercies, we may take courage for the present and for the future.

Time: 1630-1689 Age: 14-99

ISBN 0-921100-06-X US$9.95

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The Escape by A. Van der Jagt

The Adventures of Three Huguenot Children

Fleeing Persecution

Huguenot Inheritance Series #1

F. Pronk in The Messenger: This book . . . will hold its readers spellbound from beginning to end. The setting is late seventeenth century France. Early in the story the mother dies and the father is banished to be a galley slave for life on a war ship. Yet in spite of threats and punishment, sixteen-year-old John and his ten-year-old sister Manette, refuse to give up the faith they have been taught.

Time: 1685-1695 Age: 12-99

ISBN 0-921100-04-3 US$11.95

The Secret Mission

by A. Van der Jagt

A Huguenot's Dangerous Adventures

in the Land of Persecution

Huguenot Inheritance Series #2

In the sequel to our best-seller, The Escape, John returns to France with a secret mission of the Dutch Government. At the same time he attempts to find his father.

Time: 1702-1712 Age: 12-99

ISBN 0-921100-18-3 US$14.95

How They Kept The Faith by Grace Raymond

A Tale of the Huguenots of Languedoc

Huguenot Inheritance Series #3

Christine Farenhorst in Christian Renewal: Presenting a moving account of the weals and woes of two Huguenot families during the heavy waves of persecution in seventeenth century France, this book, although its onset is a bit slow, is fascinating and moving reading. Covering all aspects of Huguenot life during this difficult time period, this goodsized paperback volume is a well-spring of encouragement for Christians today and highly recommended as reading for all those age twelve and over.

Time: 1676-1686 Age: 13-99

ISBN 0-921100-64-7 US$19.95

The Young Huguenots by Edith S. Floyer

Huguenot Inheritance Series #4

It was a happy life at the pretty chateau. Even after that dreadful Sunday evening, when strange men came down and shut the people out of the church, not much changed for the four children. Until the soldiers came . . .

Time: 1686-1687 Age: 11-99

ISBN 0-921100-65-5 US$11.95

Driven into Exile

by Charlotte Maria Tucker

A Story of the Huguenots

Huguenot Inheritance Series #5

Christine Farenhorst in Christian Renewal: "Set in the days following the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes, (an edict in effect from 1598-1685 providing religious freedom for the French Protestants), this story follows the lives of two Huguenot families. Losing all to remain constant, the La Force family flees to Britain, while the Duval family remains in France. Suspenseful, the unfolding panorama of persecution and intrigue is well-suited for twenty-first century church goers who take freedom of religion for granted."

Time: 1685-1695 Age: 13-99

ISBN 0-921100-66-3 US$9.95

The Refugees by A. Conan Doyle

A Tale of Two Continents

Huguenot Inheritance Series #6

The Refugees is a fast-paced exciting historical novel filled with daring and adventure. It depicts the escape of Louis De Catinat and his cousin from France after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685. Fleeing aboard a merchant vessel they attempt to reach America but find themselves stranded on an iceberg. The result is a hazardous trek through Canadian forests, avoiding both Roman Catholic Frenchmen and savage Indians.

Follow the adventures of well to do people, bereft of all convenience and fleeing for their lives to seek refuge in a country where freedom of religion returns stability to their lives.

Time: 1685-1686 Age: 12-99

ISBN 0-921100-67-1 US$17.95

Done and Dared in Old France by Deborah Alcock

Huguenot Inheritance Series #7

Christine Farenhorst wrote in Christian Renewal: Ten-year-old Gaspard, accidentally separated from his parents, is raised by a group of outlaw salt runners who fear neither God nor man. . . . Through the providence of God, Gaspard's heart turns to Him in faith and after a series of adventures is able to flee France to the safer Protestant shores of England. Fine and absorbing reading. Deborah Alcock has wonderful vocabulary, is a marvelous story-teller, and brings out the amazing hand of God's almighty power in every chapter. Highly recommended.

Time: 1685-1697 Age: 11-99

ISBN 1-894666-03-8 US$14.95

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A Loyal Huguenot Maid

by Margaret S. Comrie

Huguenot Inheritance Series #8

Azerole, a young fugitive, was serving at Castle Brianza at Piedmont as governess to Madame de Rohan’s crippled and plaintive foster son Christophe. But Azerole was a Huguenot maid, and Castle Brianza was ardently Roman Catholic. Madame’s son Gaston, who was serving in the French army, was said to be a fiery Roman Catholic and tolerated no Protestants. What would happen to Azerole when he came home?

Azerole and her brother Léon struggle amid many troubles to keep their faith alive. When Michel unexpectedly comes on the scene a new unforseen danger lurks in the shadows. Would these two young Huguenots remain safe under the roof and shadow of Castle Brianza?

Time: 1686-1690 Age: 12-99

ISBN 9780921100683 US$15.95

The Baron of Salgas A True Huguenot Story by Sabine Malplach

and: The Cross and the Crown & The Carpenter of Nîmes

Two Huguenot Stories by Deborah Alcock

Huguenot Inheritance Series #9

The Cross and the Crown tells about a man by the name of Gabriel Vaur. After the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes (1685), life once again became very dangerous for the Huguenots in France. When the Dragonnades came, Gabriel tried to get help, leaving his father, sister, and brother behind. Would he ever see them again? Would he ever be able to flee France and reach England?

The Baron of Salgas is the true story of the Baron and Baroness de Salgas. Even though her husband forbids her to be an open Huguenot, the Baroness knows that her Saviour had said that whoever would deny Him would be denied by Him. So one night she made her escape to Geneva. Would her husband follow? Would he recant? What would happen to their sons who were taken to the convents?

The Carpenter of Nîmes goes back more than a century to the year 1569 and tells about a man named Jacques Maderon. When the pastor tells him that Christ had said, "Son, go work today in My vineyard," he knows it is time to do something. Then the father of his friend was imprisoned. Would he succeed to cut the bars of the gate and so make way for the Huguenots to enter the city and deliver it?

Time: 1568-1715 Age: 13-99

ISBN 978-0-921100-69-0 US$14.95

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The Well in the Orchard by Deborah Alcock

A Story of France in the 18th Century

Huguenot Inheritance Series #10

"Father!" Eugène burst forth, unable to withhold his tidings. "Father, the king is dead! The wicked rebels in Paris have slain him, slain him on the scaffold. Think of that! The king, the Lord’s anointed, Louis of France!"

A flush overspread the old man’s face, a tremor passed through his frame. Had he been able, he would have sprung from his seat, but he could not; one of his lower limbs was paralysed. So he lifted up his white and trembling hands to heaven, and said with deep feeling, — "God is just. His holy will be done."

Eugène was amazed. This way of taking a hideous crime, a terrible calamity, seemed to him incomprehensible. But then, as he reminded himself, his father was not quite like other people. However, he could not help saying, —

"I think it looks much more like the devil’s will, my father."

Time: 1789-1815 Age: 13-99

ISBN 978-1-77298-014-1 US$8.90

The Friends of Pascal by Deborah Alcock

or, The Children of Port Royal

Huguenot Inheritance Series #11

Geneviève looked up quickly. "Then you think I ought to take the veil?" In truth it is from among the young hearts that bleed and suffer, like Geneviève’s, that convents gain their best and most willing recruits. "Willingly, most willingly. But not until Mademoiselle has need of me no longer."

"My need must yield to higher claims. And I own that it would be a joy to me to give back to God the best and dearest gift He has given me in these sad later years. But we will do nothing rashly or in haste. Meanwhile believe me, dear child, that I can feel for thy sorrow. Renunciation, however clearly we may see the duty of it, can never be anything but pain, bitter pain. Yet it is in such pain that Christ draws near to us, and gives us the foretaste of His joy."

"I know it, Mademoiselle," whispered the pale lips of Geneviève. "And now go and pray for thyself and for me. I also will pray for thee. Kiss me, dear child. So — once more — lip to lip and heart to heart. God bless thee! God make thee in very truth the saint I dreamed of being, but am not, and shall never be."

Time: 1650--1670 Age: 13-99

ISBN 978-1-894666-15-2 US$18.90

In the Desert by Deborah Alcock

A Story of the Church under the Cross

Huguenot Inheritance Series #12

IN the pages of this book fiction has only been employed for the purpose of illustrating fact. All that has been told of the sufferings, the faith, and the patience of the Church in the Desert — or, as her children loved to call her, "The Church under the Cross" — is true, and within the truth. Especially the character and the history of Majal-Désubas owes nothing to the pencil of fancy. It is a portrait, carefully drawn from contemporary sources, from the memoirs, narratives, and popular songs, in which grateful hearts have embalmed a beloved and fragrant memory.

Time: 1745-1760 Age: 16-99

ISBN 978-1-894666-13-8 US$13.90

In the City by Deborah Alcock

A Story of Old Paris

Huguenot Inheritance Series #13

The narrative here presented is offered to the reader as a picture of a state of society which has passed away for ever. It aims at reflecting the men and women of the "old régime" as they acted, thought, and suffered; especially taking note of those who, in that age of infidelity and corruption, yet lived and walked "as seeing Him who is invisible."

Time: 1760s Age: 16-99

ISBN 978-1-894666-12-1 US$13.90

Must I Give Him Up by Deborah Alcock

A Story of France in the 18th Century

Huguenot Inheritance Series #14

Among those who could not get away was an aged man, who had almost fulfilled his fourscore years of life. Him the soldiers took, and were leading him away to prison. His son, who was in another part of the Assembly, knew nothing of it until, having reached a place of safety, he sought everywhere for his father, and could not find him. His young active feet soon retraced their steps. He met the soldiers with their captive on their way to the town. Madly Fabre threw himself into their midst, and made a wild despairing effort to tear their prisoner from their grasp. Vain — vain of course! What could one man, alone and unarmed, do against a band?

Time: 1760s Age: 12-99

ISBN 978-1-77298-005-9 US$8.90

The Life Of Admiral De Ruyter by P.J. Blok

The Dutch people remember Michiel Adriaansz De Ruyter not only as a great naval hero, one of the very greatest of all times, praised as imrriensi tremor Oceani, a "terror of the ocean," "Hercules of the Seas," as he was called in those days of grandiloquence, it prefers to think of him in the affectionate spirit which is so well conveyed by the name Bestevaer, "Dear Father," given to him by his own sailors, as it had also been given to his glorious predecessor, Marten Harpertsz Tromp. He was not only a model of pure patriotism, of devotion to duty, of unflinching courage, an incomparably balanced mixture of audacity and prudence, a perfect hero, a great sailor, and a born leader in battle. He was also a noble man, a character without blemish, honest and direct, faithful and just, upon whom everybody, low or exalted, could rely implicitly. He was simple, humble, pious as well as frank, and all those who knew him praise him as a model father not only to his own family but to the men of the fleets he commanded. He was indeed a model of those middle-class virtues and personal characteristics which the Dutch have always valued so highly.

Subject: Biography 1607-1676 Age: 14-99

ISBN 978-1-928136-62-0 US$21.90


How Sleep the Brave

by James H. Hunter

A Novel of 17th Century Scotland

"Hush ye, hush ye, little pet ye,

Hush ye, hush ye, do not fret ye,

The Black Avenger shall not get ye."

Even though the Scottish covenanters endured harsh persecutions by the King’s Inquisition the mysterious name of the Black Avenger sent thrills of hope and courage to many a tormented soul. Yet the captains and dragoons feared this elusive figure while at the same time determining to place his head on the Netherbow. Many faithful Presbyterians were murdered on the spot or threatened with a touch of the thumbscrew or a place on the rack if they did not disclose the hiding place of some sought-out Covenanters.

Lady Marion Kennedy, the beautiful daughter of the Lord of Culzean Castle, was also threatened with similar reprisals if she refused to marry Luis Salvador de Ferrari, the usurper of Fenwick Ha’, and supporter of the Inquisition. Yet her heart longed for Duncan Fenwick, the rightful lord of Fenwick Ha’. But his foster brother Luis Salvador had evicted him from Fenwick Ha’ because he espoused the covenant cause and Marion had not seen or heard from him for so long. Would she see him again and would he be able to evade the clutches of Luis? Would the Black Avenger be able to rescue her from the forced marriage to Luis?

An exciting, fast-paced historical novel regarding the events of Scottish history in 1688.

Time: 1685-1688 Age: 12-99

ISBN 978-1-894666-41-1 US$15.95

Wrestling Jacob by Marjorie Bowen

A Study of the Life of JOHN WESLEY

and Some Members of the Family

MARJORIE BOWEN has come neither to judge nor to explain. Religious controversy and theology she avoids, being content to give her readers the fullest portrait of the man to be attempted in our time, and leave the rest to them. HERE, then, stands John Wesley, a titan with the message that set England afire. FIRST we see him as the fifteenth child of a Rector, whose stipend was £30 a year. Here is the mother who formed him, his brothers, his unfortunate sisters, and his haunted home. HERE also is the "Holy Club" at Oxford, that first step towards his real destiny. THEN comes the adventure in Georgia, where he knew love, only to turn away for religion’s sake. AT last the real drama in England begins. The biographer is straining every nerve to keep pace with this tearing torrent of evangelical revival. WE see the great crowds following in the open spaces, we hear the singing, the shouting, here are the "love feasts" and the "watch nights" with a vengeance. IMPOSSIBLE to imagine our quiet England stirred to such depths. THE crusade in the West, where Bristol is as seething a cauldron as London. . . . Forty-two visits to Ireland, twenty-two to Scotland . . . thus the magic years roll on . . . nor can old age overtake this man who dies in his eighty-eighth year, as active in his work as ever.

Time: 1703-1791 Age: 15-99

ISBN 978-1-928136-86-6 US$24.90

The Great Escape by Christine Farenhorst

40 Faith-building Lessons From History

"Poignant vignettes from history are captured in fascinating word pictures. Chapters open with Scripture that is fleshed out in the lives of historical figures. The impact is more in the story told, not in the lives lived, which point either to or away from Christ."

— John Van Dyk, Christian Renewal.

Subject: Short Biographies Age: 14-99

ISBN 9780875527291 - US$ 9.99

With Wolfe in Canada:

or, The Winning of a Continent by G.A. Henty

Through misadventure the hero of the story, James Walsham, becomes involved in the historic struggle between Britain and France for supremacy on the North American continent. The issue of this war determined not only the destinies of North America, but to a large extent those of the mother countries themselves. With Wolfe in Canada will take the reader through many battles of this conflict. Meet a young George Washington and General Braddock as they fight the French and Indians, join up with Rogers' Rangers, and learn of the legendary generals Wolfe and Montcalm. With Wolfe in Canada is a model of what a children's book should be with its moving tale of military exploit and thrilling adventure. This classic provides a lesson in history instructively and graphically, whilst infusing into the dead facts of history new life. Mr. Henty's classic With Wolfe in Canada is a useful aid to study as well as amusement.

Time: 1755-1760 Age: 14-99

Cloth ISBN 0-921100-86-8 US$17.95

Paperback ISBN 0-921100-87-6 US$14.95

Roger the Ranger by Eliza F. Pollard

A Story of Border Life Among the Indians

Indians, Frenchmen, Englishmen, wars, strained friendships, and romance are all interwoven in Eliza Pollard’s fast paced historical novel.

When Charles Langlade deserted his birth place in upper Canada to marry an Indian squaw and then to fight with his Indian tribe for the French against the English, he also lost his best friend, Roger Boscowen, who led his rangers for the English against the French.

Meanwhile the historically famous General Louis de Montcalm entered Canada on behalf of the French and things took a turn in favour for the French due to the help of Langlade. But would the jealous government of French Canada succeed in using De Montcalm’s daughter Mercedes — who had come with her father from France with the intention to enter a Canadian convent — to destroy Montcalm’s fame?

And would Charles and Roger indeed fight each other? Would their friendship ever be restored?

Time: 1754-1760 Age: 12-99

ISBN 978-1-894666-31-2 US$14.95

The Soldier of Virginia - A Novel on George Washington by Marjorie Bowen

"Mr. Washington and who is Mr. Washington?"

"It is the Governor of Virginia's envoy, Monsieur bearing a letter from his Excellency."

St. Pierre gave his inferior officer a quick glance; two things occurred to him: the first was that Dinwiddie must be serious if he had sent a messenger in such weather; the second was that it would have been more courteous if the envoy had been a man of some rank; he remarked on neither of these things, but quietly requested that Mr. Washington should be brought into his presence.

The scene was St. Pierre's room in the newly erected Fort le Bœuf; December cold filled the apartment despite the huge fire of logs that roared on the hearth; and the view from the window was of a frozen lake, great trees against a drab sky, and the steady falling of snowflakes.

Originally published in 1912, this is a fictionalized biography on America's first President by one of the best authors of historical fiction.

Time: 1755-1775 Age: 14-99

ISBN 0-921100-99-X US$14.95

Servant of Slaves by Grace Irwin

A Biographical Novel of John Newton

This is Grace Irwin's best novel to date. She recounts the exciting adventures of John Newton's life both as profane and immoral slave trader and later as a devoted servant of Christ. And is there anywhere a more beautiful love story than that of John Newton and Mary Catlett? Clyde S. Kilby

Time: 1725-1807 Age: 14-99

ISBN 0-88815-908-0 US$19.95

THE CZAR by Deborah Alcock

A Tale of the Time of the First Napoleon

As, with a hand still trembling, Clémence poured out the tea, she remembered the stories she had heard of such evening visits made by the Czar, "to talk at his ease," and recalled the words of De Maistre when someone criticised this habit in his presence: "It is a touching thing to me to see the ruler of a great empire, in the age of all the passions, find his recreation in taking a cup of tea with an honest man and his wife."

Ivan Ivanovitch Pojarsky, an orphaned Russian Prince, adopted by loyal people in the village of Nicolofsky meets the great Czar Alexander of Russia while the Czar does his best to bring back to life a seemingly dead carpenter. This historical fact, and many others related in this captivating story, gives a very accurate picture of the life in Russia during the time of Napoleon.

Look at Table of Contents

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Time: 1795-1825 Age: 14-99

ISBN 978-1-894666-11-4 US$19.95

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The Seventh Earl by Grace Irwin

A dramatized biography on Anthony Ashley Cooper, the Seventh Earl of Shaftesbury, who is most widely remembered as a 19th-century British philanthropist and factory reformer. "This is Grace Irwin's strongest and most poignant book . . . I have been moved and enriched by my hours with The Seventh Earl," wrote V.R. Mollenkott.

Time: 1801-1885 Age: 14-99

ISBN 0-8028-6059-1 US$11.95

A Stranger in a Strange Land

by Leonora Scholte

John E. Marshall in The Banner of Truth: This is a delightful book. It tells the story of H.P. Scholte, a preacher in The Netherlands, who being persecuted for his faith in his own country, emigrated to the U.S.A., and there established a settlement in Pella, Iowa, in the midst of the vast undeveloped prairie. . . The greater part of the book is taken up in telling the stories of the immense hardships known after emigration. Interwoven with this story is an account of Scholte's marriage and family life. . . It is a most heartwarming and instructive story.

Time: 1825-1880 Age: 14-99

ISBN 0-921100-01-9 US$9.95

Fifty Years in the Church Of Rome by Charles Chiniquy

The Unabridged Reprint of the Revised and Complete Edition of 1914

Charles Chiniquy, noted author of Fifty Years in the Church of Rome, was converted to Jesus Christ after serving in the Roman Catholic priesthood for twenty-five years. As a priest he earned the confidence and love of the people and special marks of approbation and favour from his superiors (including the Supreme Pontiff). For reasons drawn from the Word of God he withdrew from the Church of Rome, publicly renouncing her distinctive dogmas. As a faithful minister of the Gospel he suffered many trials at the hand of the Adversary, narrowly escaping death on several occasions. As a soldier of the Cross he warred a good warfare for the King of kings and Lord of lords. In his ninetieth year Charles Chiniquy peacefully fell asleep in Jesus, after faithfully serving "Forty Years in the Church of Christ."

Subject: Biography 1809-1899 Age: 16-99

ISBN 978-1-928136-70-5 US$29.90


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Archie’s Chances by Deborah Alcock

A Story of the Nineteenth Century

This was scarcely as bad as she expected, yet quite bad enough. She flushed hotly. "Uncle has not said anything to you, has he?" she asked.

"Never once. Kate, Uncle Morris is a brick!" There was a wealth of genuine gratitude flung into the boyish word that redeemed it from all trace of vulgarity.

"If Father were alive, what would he say?" questioned Kate. "I think he would be horrified at the very thought."

"Well, I don’t know," mused Archie, thrusting his hands into his pockets. "After all, the horrible thing is eating the shop — I mean the bread that’s made in it. And since I do that already, and can’t help myself, I think it would not make things any worse to earn it before I eat it."

Time: 1880s Age: 12-99

ISBN 978-1-894666-16-9 US$8.90

James Chalmers: His Autobiography and Letters by Richard Lovet

An unabridged reprint of the Fifth Edition of 1903

James Chalmers, the missionary, was a remarkable man from every point of view. His personality attracted every one who met him. The mere narrative of his actions and experiences reads like a romance. Hence it is not surprising that in the course of a few months three large editions should have been exhausted.One gratifying feature has been the hearty welcome accorded to the book by all sections of the Protestant Church, and by all kinds of papers in the press of Great Britain, the Colonies, and the United States. Papers that rarely devote a line to missionary intelligence have exhorted their readers to get this book ‘because it is more interesting than any novel ’ and the official organs of bodies as widely sundered in some respects as the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, the Church Missionary Society, the United Free Church of Scotland, and the Baptist Missionary Society, have urged their readers to study this volume, and from it refresh their missionary knowledge and missionary enthusiasm.

Subject: Biography 1841-1901 Age: 14-99

ISBN 978-1-928136-80-4 US$26.90


Three Months Under the Snow by J. J. Porchat

This morning when I awoke, I found myself in complete darkness, and at first supposed that my sleep had quitted me at an earlier hour than usual. However, I heard my grandfather feeling his way about, and I rubbed my eyes, but did not see a bit better."Grandfather," said I, "you are up before daylight.""My dear boy," he answered, " if we were to wait for the light of day, we should remain long enough in bed. I fear the snow is above the window."At this I uttered a cry of horror and leaped out of bed. I soon lighted our lamp, and we were then able to perceive that my grandfather’s conjecture was well-founded."But the window is low," he added, "besides, it may be that the snow has been heaped up in this part; perhaps we should not see it above two feet deep at some paces from the wall."

ISBN 978-1-894666-19-0 19th Century US$9.90

The Man in Bearskin by J. Keuning

A fascinating story about Dutch Settlers in Western Michigan of the Van Raalte colony of 1847

In the middle of the 19th century a band of Dutch immigrants, under the leadership of the Reverend A. C. Van Raalte, came to Michigan to establish their homes in a place now called Holland. Among these early pioneers were Gerrit Kolf, his wife, and four children. Food was scarce those first few months, but the Kolf family were often supplied meat or corn meal by a mysterious, solitary individual who wore a bearskin cloak and who refused conversation with anyone. To read this book is to gain an appreciation of the unconsciously heroic attitude of these people in their new and difficult life. The wildness of the country, the meagreness of their resources, and the lack of medical care make it at first a sheer struggle for survival.

ISBN 978-1-928136-33-0 19th Century US$9.90

Captain My Captain by Deborah Meroff

author of Coronation of Glory

Willy-Jane VanDyken in The Trumpet: This romantic novel is so filled with excitement and drama, it is difficult to put it down once one has begun it. Its pages reflect the struggle between choosing Satan's ways or God's ways. Mary's struggles with materialism, being a submissive wife, coping with the criticism of others, learning how to deal with sickness and death of loved ones, trusting in God and overcoming the fear of death forces the reader to reflect on his own struggles in life.

This story of Mary Ann Patten (remembered for being the first woman to take full command of a merchant sailing ship) is one that any teen or adult reader will enjoy. It will perhaps cause you to shed a few tears but it is bound to touch your heart and encourage you in your faith.

Time: 1837-1861 Age: 14-99

ISBN 0-921100-79-5 US$14.95

Cloth edition US$24.95

By Far Euphrates by Deborah Alcock

A Tale on Armenia in the 19th century

Alcock has provided sufficient graphics describing the atrocities committed against the Armenian Christians to make the reader emotionally moved by the intense suffering these Christians endured at the hands of Muslim Turks and Kurds. At the same time, the author herself has confessed to not wanting to provide full detail, which would take away from the focus on how those facing death did so with peace, being confident they would go to see their LORD, and so enjoy eternal peace. As such it is not only an enjoyable novel, but also encouraging reading. These Christians were determined to remain faithful to their God, regardless of the consequences.

Time: 1887-1895 Age: 11-99

ISBN 1-894666-00-3 US$14.95

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Walking with God by Deborah Alcock

The Life of the Venerable John Alcock

(Late Archdeacon of Waterford)

"John," said his father, calling him one day to his side, "what would you like to be?"

"A doctor, Sir," was the prompt reply of the doctor’s son, who shared the family esprit de corps to the uttermost. "I was born a doctor, of a family of doctors," he often said afterward.

"Well, Ben and Nat are going to be doctors; I think you had better be a clergyman," was the disappointing answer.

Time: 1804-1886 Age: 16-99

ISBN 978-1-77298-023-3 US$21.90

The Author of The Spanish Brothers

(Deborah Alcock) Her Life and Works by Elisabeth Boyd Bayly

"ONLY remembered by what I have done."

That will never be true of Deborah Alcock. Partly because the unknown cannot be remembered, and year after year her books came out — the first by "D. A.," the next "By the Author of" the one or more before it, until the wide success of The Spanish Brothers stamped its name, without her own, on all she wrote; and for twenty years longer she went on writing stories which left their impress on innumerable lives, while the writer’s identity remained strangely unknown outside the quiet little city in the South of Ireland where her best years were spent. In 1890 The Story of Constance came out in serial form, and was afterwards continued and published under the title of Crushed yet Conquering, "by Deborah Alcock." In 1891, at the age of fifty-six — a lone woman, deeply bereaved — Miss Alcock came to England, and to her astonishment "found herself famous." And still her new friends, like the old ones, said, "She is greater than her books — though we loved them so well." More than by her writings or her gracious acts — by what she was will she be remembered, in life and in eternity, by those whose privilege it was to know her.

Time: 1835-1913 Age: 14-99

ISBN 978-1-77298-024-0 US$19.90


Jan Smuts - A Biography by F.S. Crafford

Jan Smuts was lauded as the first successful general of the Allies in the war; as "the general in whom the whole Empire has most confidence"; as "the destroyer of the German power in Africa"; as "the most conspicuous figure in greater Britain"; and as "a remarkable combination of talents not usually found in the same person, unless, indeed, that person belongs to the small and select class of which the Caesars, the Cromwells, and the Napoleons are the outstanding types." His character was described as "too spacious and complex to be read offhand." In an article in the press Mr. Winston Churchill wrote: "At this moment there arrives in England from the outer marches of the Empire a new and altogether extraordinary man . . . The stormy and hazardous roads he has travelled by would fill all the acts and scenes of a drama. He has warred against us — well we know it. He has quelled rebellion against our own flag with unswerving loyalty and unfailing shrewdness. He has led raids at desperate odds and conquered provinces by scientific strategy . . . His astonishing career and his versatile achievements are only the index of a profound sagacity and a cool, far-reaching comprehension . . ." And while introducing him to the Imperial War Cabinet, Mr. Lloyd George referred to him as "one of the most brilliant generals in this war."

Subject: Biography 1870-1950 Age: 14-99

ISBN 978-1-77298-027-1 US$23.90


REGULAR 57.75 - SET US$ 49.10

The Lion of Modderspruit by Lawrence Penning

The Louis Wessels Commando #1

A wonderful historical novel in which Penning has interwoven love, pathos, and loyalty. The conflict the Boers endure with England involves not only a fight to maintain their independence (to which the British agreed in 1881) but also a deep religious significance. Louis Wessels, eldest son of a well-established Transvaal Boer family, is betrothed to Truida, a Boer maiden living in the British colony of Natal, and educated in British-governed schools. When England sends over thousands of troops to invade the independent Boer colony of the Orange Free State, causing the Boers of the Transvaal Colony to prepare to invade Natal, the two lovers are confronted by more than a political conflict — two loyal hearts separated by loyalty to conflicting causes. The horrors of the war drag both Louis and Truida through heights of joy and depths of despair. How can these two hearts, beating strongly for each other but also strongly for their separate causes, ever be reconciled? On which side is justice to be found?

Time: 1899 Age:11-99

ISBN 1-894666-91-7 US$10.95

The Hero of Spionkop by Lawrence Penning

The Louis Wessels Commando #2

A company of twenty-five horsemen with an officer in command galloped into the yard. They jumped down, fastened their horses to the young fig trees which bordered the broad driveway, and in silence awaited orders from their commanding officer.

He carefully scrutinized the terrain and set out five soldiers as watchmen. Five others were ordered to make a thorough search of the barn. Ten were posted at the various exits from the house and with the remaining five the officer entered the livingroom . . . "Do you have a Boer from the Transvaal hiding here?" asked the officer.

"If I should deny it, you wouldn't believe me in any case, Lieutenant."

Time: 1900 Age:11-99

ISBN 1-894666-92-5 US$10.95

The Scout of Christiaan de Wet by Lawrence Penning

The Louis Wessels Commando # 3

It is the year 1900 and the Boer War continues to ravage the South African Free State and Transvaal. The English are relentless in their attacks and pernicious in seeking to achieve political power. But the Afrikaners refuse to submit and continue the struggle to maintain their freedom.

Louis Wessels, the young hunter, and the Dutchman Jan Tromp, despite skirting danger, falling into traps, confronting traitors, hiding and escaping, slowly achieve their mission as they transverse the Transvaal as scouts for General Christiaan de Wet.

Yet when they are finally trapped with no seeming escape, they meet an old acquaintance.

Even though these dedicated Afrikaners are surrounded by the horrors and ravages of war there is time for laughter at Blikoortje’s exploits, and time to receive encouragement from loved ones.

Still the cry continues to rise to heaven, "How many people will still have to give their lives to restore freedom to South Africa? Will freedom truly be achieved?"

Another exciting story from Piet Prins’s favourite boyhood author.

Time: 1900 Age: 11-99

ISBN 978-1-894666-93-0 US$11.95

The Victor of Nooitgedacht by Lawrence Penning

The Louis Wessels Commando # 4

The commando of Louis Wessels continues to roam the South African countryside, joining whichever division needs them most. But defeat and loss, ruin and devastation seem to be the order of the day. Blikoortje and Jan Potgieter are captured, Wonderfontein is pillaged and ruined, and the church is desecrated. The ravages of this ghastly war are pressing in on all sides and the reality of total defeat looms large in all its starkness. The English Minister Brodrick had declared in the British parliament that "never — but never — had a more civilised war been waged!" Yet all the evidence showed the English army to be full of wantonness, lustful pillaging, savagery, destructiveness, and pitiless cruelty towards women, children, and the defenceless.

Lawrence Penning gives a close up account of some of the events and issues surrounding the Boer War. The English declared they wanted the gold South Africa offered, but was there more at stake? This book, along with the others in the series, are great aids in coming to grips with the South African conflict in a fascinating manner.

Time: 1900 Age: 11-99

ISBN 978-1-894666-94-7 US$11.95

The Colonist of Southwest Africa by Lawrence Penning

The Louis Wessels Commando # 5

After three years of fighting, the Boer War was nearing its bitter end. Even though the Boer armies seemed defeated by the superior British armed forces, many Boer commandoes refused to give up and continued to strike at the English military. The enemy’s retaliation was horrible. Systematically the Rednecks combed out the country: farms were burned and the women and children were taken to concentration camps. Malnourished, neglected, and ravaged by Typhus fever, thousands died in those camps.

Under the leadership of Louis Wessels, a commando planned a rescue, but with difficulties and traitors abounding, failure and capture were imminent realities. Was escape still possible? Could comfort be found in the words of the field preacher who not only condemned England’s insults and scorn heaped on the Boer entreaties for help, but also entreated his fellow Christians to throw dust and ashes on their heads "for we and our fathers — we have sinned grievously! We have erred. We have served alien gods, and now the Lord is visiting us with His scourge." Addressing the Boers, and also the British doctor, the field preacher concluded, "Brothers, let us be silent in this oppression. Let us confess our sins and lift our penitent hearts in prayer to the hills from whence our salvation will come."

This last volume of the Louis Wessels Commando series brings the dark reality of the Boer War into stark focus. May the words of the field preacher never need to be addressed to us.

Look at Table of Contents

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Time: 1901-1902 Age: 11-99

ISBN 978-1-894666-95-4 US$11.95

Abraham Kuyper by Frank Vanden Berg

A Biography

Abraham Kuyper was one of Holland’s foremost leaders in politics, education, and the church from 1865 to 1917, a period of over 50 years. His influence is still felt today in his native land and in many other countries.

Kuyper is unique in that he carried on parallel careers in separate major fields, both as a thinker and as a doer. He carried a sword in one hand and a trowel in the other, for he was both a builder and a battler. His followers loved him with warm, undying devotion, while his enemies hated him as they hated no one else.

This biography, which is aimed at the general reader, gives us a running account of Kuyper’s 83 years on earth. It outlines his personal history and sketches the background whenever the scene shifts to a new phase in Kuyper’s many-sided career.

Subject: Biography 1837-1920 Age: 14-99

ISBN 978-1-928136-77-4 US$16.90


Precious Memories Series

In an area surrounded by the big woods of Wisconsin, the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, Walnut Grove and Plum Creek, and the prairies of south Dakota, a new generation of faith settled in to till the earth and subdue it. These were the days of the first automobile, the introduction of electricity, gas furnaces (that had the tendency to explode), and world wars. Carol Brands has depicted a very accurate account of the true story of Katherine, a country girl, whom God in His providence granted the opportunity to pass on precious memories for countless generations to come. It is our task to take up the baton and carry on this wonderful work. You and your children will thoroughly enjoy the stories as they are read out loud, or read in the quiet of a comfortable chair. Perhaps these stories will even inspire an excursion to join many others in visiting places such as Rock Rapids in Iowa, and Leota and Magnolia in Minnesota. Take the time to explore De Smet in South Dakota and Walnut Grove in Minnesota. RELIVE LIVING HISTORY so that children (and their parents too) understand times past to be a blessing in times present - for the glory of God!

Little White Farm House in Iowa by Carol Brands

A Fictionalized Biography of Katherine Vastenhout

Precious Memories: Book 1: The First 10 Years

Comments from Readers on Book 1“ . . . a wonderful book . . . spiritually uplifting . . . warm human insight and nostalgia . . . delightful reading as I recovered from hip surgery. I’d like to order four more copies . . .”

— Middle-aged female reader from O’Fallen, IL —

“This is no sappy, quasi-Christian literature; this is the real deal. . . the proverbial diamond in the rough . . . I am going to see that the library at Heritage Christian School, where my children are enrolled, has several copies . . .”

— Tom Bergman, editor, Perspectives, Spring issue 2012 —

“. . . One of the finest Christian books I’ve read for young people . . .”

— Prof. Ron Cammenga, professor in PRCs’ seminary, MI —

“If only it could be circulated as widely as Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House on the Prairie.”

— Herman Otten, editor, Christian News, April 16, 2012 —

Time: 1930-1940 Age: 13-99

978-1-894666-38-1 US$11.95

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Carol Brands calls herself primarily a mother. Born the third of sixteen children, Carol was already a “mother” to her younger brothers and sisters during her adolescent years. After she finished college, Carol continued to work with children, teaching for twelve years. At age thirty, she married and became a mother to her own eight children, four boys and four girls. Once they were all in school, she worked for another twelve years in a local care center. Now she is thrilled to enter the stage of grandmother, anticipating her eleventh grandchild in 2013.

Little Yellow Farm House in Iowa by Carol Brands

A Fictionalized Biography of Katherine Vastenhout

Precious Memories: Book 2: Years Eleven through Seventeen: World War II Years

When the Kroontje family moved into their second tiny house, they had no idea that within months of their move Uncle Bill Tilstra would be assigned to the USS Arizona, the first ship Japan bombed in Pearl Harbor. Nor did they know that three of Uncle Bill's ships would be destroyed – but that he would be spared from death in ways that were clearly God's providential care . . . yet so horrific that he hated talking about the war.

While war loomed in the background, Uncle Bill always on the family's mind, Katherine's farm life continued with a mixture of stories – some humorous, some serious, some full of neighborliness, some with tragedy.

Join the Kroontje family — living daily life on an Iowa farm even while World War II is being fought across the oceans.

Time: 1940-1948 Age: 13-99

978-1-894666-39-8 US$11.95

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Strangers in Minnesota by Carol Brands

A Fictionalized Biography of Katherine Vastenhout

Precious Memories: Book 3: Years Eighteen through Twenty: The Romance Years

A new state . . .

A new home . . .

A new church . . .

“I am a stranger here, within a foreign land,

My home is far away, upon a golden strand . . .”

When Katherine and her family moved from their tiny home near Rock Rapids, Iowa, to a new home near Magnolia, Minnesota, this is how Katherine felt her first Sunday in a new church.

She felt lost, totally bereft of friends and familiarity.What had she and her family done? They had left everything near and dear behindto start completely over!

Would she ever be able to fit in?

To find friends?

To feel like she belonged . . .?

Time: 1948-1951 Age: 13-99

978-1-894666-40-4 US$ 11.95

Set of three books US$29.95

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The Mystery of Mar Saba by J.H. Hunter

Lord Moreton hung up the receiver and pushed a buzzer on his desk.

"Send Inspector Maxwell here," he said to the policeman who came in.

A moment later, Maxwell entered. He was heavy-eyed from lack of sleep and, if anything, looked more melancholy than ever.

"Sit down, Max."

The inspector seated himself.

"Well, it is heavy going," said Lord Moreton.

The other nodded. "The ship of state is going to founder, sir, mark my words, unless there is some change within the next forty-eight hours. We had one hundred and three suicides last night and eighteen murders within the Metropolitan area. We cannot stand this for long. No word from Jerusalem yet?"

Time: 1930s-1940s (historical fiction) Age: 12-99

ISBN 978-1-928136-88-0 US$21.90

They Looked for a City by Lydia Buksbazen

A True Story of World War I & II

WWII Memorial Series 1

They Looked for a City is the saga of a Hebrew Christian family tossed by all kinds of national and personal storms, yet always emerging on the crest of each menacing wave, as if carried by the hand of a merciful God and the force of their faith. It is a pilgrim story of real people whose lives were marked by a two-fold stigma and a two-fold privilege — that of being Jews as well as believers in the Messiah of Israel, Jesus.

The center of this family chronicle is occupied by my beloved mother Yente, because to me she personifies something that is so precious and peculiar — the heart of a Jewish mother, and the impact of her faith upon her family and all those who came in touch with her.

ISBN 978-1-77298-013-4 US$17.90

No Price for Freedom by Philip Gibbs

A Story of Poland in World War II

WWII Memorial Series 2

In No Price for Freedom a colourful story of one Polish family is told. We follow their tragic experiences under changing enermy occupations from 1939 to 1945. We witness their exploits during the amazing epic of the Warsaw Rising, and follow them in France, Italy, Russia, and England - to which some of them escape with the hope that in the West they will still be able to continue their fight for freedom and liberation of their country.

No Price for Freedom, a vivid and exciting novel, is based on authentic facts. Through its pages move real persons, who played an important and glorious part in the last chapters of the history of the Polish nation, such as General Anders, General Bor-Komorowski, the late Mayor of Warsaw, Mr. S. Starzynski, Father Paul, and others.

ISBN 978-1-928136-29-3 US$24.90

The Tartan Pimpernel by Donald Caskie

A Story of France in World War II

WWII Memorial Series 3

"As exciting and eventful as the novel from which its title drives. It is an inspiring story, a testament of the power of goodness in the conflict with evil." —Scotsman

"Dr. Caskie recounts his adventures racily and well, without rancour and with constant humour." —Glasgow Herald

The Rev. Dr. Donald Currie Caskie (1902-1983) was a minister in the Church of Scotland, best known for his exploits in France during World War II, during which he helped an estimated 2,000 Allied sailors, soldiers, and airmen to escape from occupied France (mainly through Spain).

ISBN 978-1-928136-30-9 US$15.90

A Theatre in Dachau by Hermanus Knoop

In the concentration camp of Dachau the God of all grace did wonders of grace by His Word and Spirit every day. Oh, it was indeed a dreadful time for me that I spent there, and yet it is not at all a hollow phrase when I say that I would for no amount of money have missed this time of my life, since it was so unspeakably rich in grace. I saw God there. The Lord was in this place. It was a house of God and a gate of heaven.

Time: 1940-1943 Age: 14-99

ISBN 0-921100-20-5 US$14.95

Journey Through the Night

by Anne De Vries

After the Second World War, Anne De Vries, one of the most popular novelists in The Netherlands, was commissioned to capture in literary form the spirit and agony of those five harrowing years of Nazi occupation. The result was Journey Through the Night, a four volume bestseller that has gone through more than thirty printings in The Netherlands.

"An Old Testament Professor of mine who bought the books could not put them down nor could I."

Dr. Edwin H. Palmer

"This is more than just a war-time adventure. The characters have vitality, depth and great humanity."

The Ottawa Citizen

Now in its Fifth Printing:



9781928136385 - US$ 11.90



9781928136392 - US$ 11.90


Volume 3: DAWN'S Early Light

9781928136408 - US$ 11.90


Volume 4: A NEW DAY

9781928136415 - US$ 11.90

Fourth PrintingStill Available:


Time: 1940-1945 Age: 10-99

ISBN 0-921100-25-6 US$ 29.90

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Journey Through the Night

by Anne De Vries

After the Second World War, Anne De Vries, one of the most popular novelists in The Netherlands, was commissioned to capture in literary form the spirit and agony of those five harrowing years of Nazi occupation. The result was Journey Through the Night, a four volume bestseller that has gone through more than thirty printings in The Netherlands.

"An Old Testament Professor of mine who bought the books could not put them down nor could I."

Dr. Edwin H. Palmer

"This is more than just a war-time adventure. The characters have vitality, depth and great humanity."

The Ottawa Citizen


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In This Hour by Rudolf Van Reest

A Story of World War II and the Floods of 1953

"That's a rather rough expression, brother Melse — `traitor.' How could you call someone a traitor if he's simply obeying the government? I would rather not hear such language from the mouth of an elder."

"I maintain that such work as building bunkers is treason against our land," repeated David Melse. "The bunkers have a definite purpose: when armies come to liberate us from the power of the Germans, the bunkers are supposed to hold them back. Each bunker could help sink one of the naval vessels approaching our coast. And on those vessels are our friends — perhaps even our own soldiers. Reverend, you should think carefully what those bunkers represent."

Rev. Verhulst shook his head. "You people have completely the wrong idea about those bunkers. Do you really believe that Germany will one day sink to its knees before England? If you do, you're completely mistaken, brother Melse. Germany will take control of all of Europe and will never let itself be overthrown. Germany is much too powerful to be defeated. Moreover, if you had listened carefully to last Sunday's sermon, you would know full well how I think about these matters. The apostate covenant people spent seventy years in the grip of Babylon, and I'm sure that our time under foreign domination will not be any less.

Time: 1942-1953 Age: 15-99

ISBN 1-894666-68-2 US$15.95

The Shadow Series by Piet Prins

(Place order for set of 5 and save 15%)

SET OF 5 SHADOW SERIES - REG. 54.75 - PRINS, PIET - set of new copies US$ 47.30

One of the most exciting series of a master story teller about the German occupation of The Netherlands during the emotional time of the Second World War (1940-1945).

K. Bruning in Una Sancta about Vol.4 - The Partisans, and Vol. 5 - Sabotage: . . . the country was occupied by the German military forces. The nation's freedom was destroyed by the foreign men in power. Violence, persecutions and executions were the order of the day, and the main target of the enemy was the destruction of the christian way of life. In that time the resistance movement of underground fighters became very active. People from all ages and levels joined in and tried to defend the Dutch Christian heritage as much as possible. The above mentioned books show us how older and younger people were involved in that dangerous struggle. It often was a life and death battle. Every page of these books is full of tension. The stories give an accurate and very vivid impression of that difficult and painful time. These books should also be in the hands of our young people. They are excellent instruments to understand the history of their own country and to learn the practical value of their own confession and Reformed way of life. What about as presents on birthdays?

Time: 1944-1945 Age: 10-99

Vol. 1 The Lonely Sentinel ISBN 1-894666-72-0 US$10.90

Vol. 2 Hideout in the Swamp ISBN 1-894666-73-9 US$10.90

Vol. 3 The Grim Reaper ISBN 1-894666-74-7 US$10.90

Vol. 4 The Partisans ISBN 0-921100-07-8 US$10.90

Vol. 5 Sabotage ISBN 0-921100-08-6 US$10.90


PRINS, PIET - SHADOW 2 - HIDEOUT IN THE SWAMP, OLD - First Edition 2 - US$ 8.90

PRINS, PIET - SHADOW 3 - GRIM REAPER, OLD - First Edition 3 - US$ 8.90

Thine is The Kingdom by J.H. Hunter

A Story of the Cold War

Tresham looked at the picture accompanying the article and might have been gazing into a mirror, so startling was the resemblance. "Of course, it is my brother," he said slowly. "So he went to Canada to work for a capitalistic state and help to start another war. What do you want me to do, since I suppose my coming here has something to do with that item in the newspaper?"

The Russian nodded and handed him a cutting from a newspaper pasted on a piece of stiff cardboard. "Read that also," he said. It was a report of a later address given by Tresham’s brother in Washington to an organization affiliated with the United Nations and called "The Society for the Promotion of World Peace and Good Will." "The first two paragraphs are all that you need read at present," said Vasiloff. The report was in English with a Russian translation beside it.

Time: 1950s-1960s (fiction) Age: 12-99

ISBN 978-1-928136-87-3 US$16.90

BL06 - The Persecutor

by Sergei Kourdakov

His job in the Russian police was to inflict pain and terror on Christians . . . and he did it well.

Sergei Kourdakov, who led attack raids for Russia's secret police, points to the place off British Columbia, Canada where he escaped from a Russian naval ship to begin his search for the faith of those he once persecuted.

Subject: Biography 1951-1973 Age: 13-99

ISBN 978-1-77298-027-1 US$14.90






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