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A Visit to Germany


The Reformation Trail Series



RT19 Martin Luther - The Man and His Work

by Arthur Cushman McGiffert

Luther’s marriage raised a great hue and cry. The union of a renegade monk with an escaped nun, violating as it did their own personal vows, and ecclesiastical and civil law as well, seemed to many to throw a sinister light upon the whole reform movement. Now, they declared, the significance of the Reformation was revealed to all the world, and it was clear what Luther had had in mind from the beginning. Satirical attacks appeared in great numbers. Slanderous tales were spread about him and his bride. Even many of his friends were thrown into consternation, and feared he had dealt a death-blow to the cause.

Time: 1483-1546 Age: 16-99 ISBN 978-1-77298-018-9 US$19.90



RT20 Luther by Those Who Knew Him

by Elizabeth Rundle Charles

A Story of the Reformation

Hours and hours Fritz and I spoke of Dr. Luther and what he had done for us both — more, perhaps, for Fritz than even for me, because he had suffered more. It seems to me as if we, and thousands besides in the world, had been worshipping before an altar picture of our Saviour, which we had been told was painted by a great master after a heavenly pattern. But all we could see was a grim, hard, stern countenance of one sitting on a judgment throne . . . Then suddenly we heard Dr. Luther’s voice behind us, saying, in his ringing tones — "Friends, what are you doing? That is not the right painting. These are only the boards that hide the master’s picture."

Time: 1483-1546 Age: 14-99 ISBN 978-1-77298-019-6 US$19.90




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A Visit to Germany

In April, Theresa and I (Roelof) went to Germany to introduce our new books on Luther to some of the most important tourist attractions for the Reformation commemorations. These places attract thousands of people from all over the world. We are pleased to have found a few places that are now selling these titles:

In WITTENBURG: Kimstädt - Hause der Geschenke, Collegienstrasse 15

(located on the main passageway from the Lutherhaus to the two most important Church buildings)


Near EISLEBEN, in Helbra: Landhotel "Zum Rautenkrantz"

(Ungarischer Restaurant )


Especially the latter place is highly recommend. It was the best Hotel and Restaurant in which we stayed, and it was very economical as well.

We stayed there twice. The second time the owner, Mr. I. Gal, stayed up for several hours to wait for us. We had a nice talk in German and English about Michael De Ruyter, who freed about 30 Hungarian ministers from slavery. Mr. Gal is of Hungarian Reformed background.

So if you visit Germany, be sure to make a stop at "Zum Rautenkrantz."

We also visited Worms, Heidelberg, Eisenach (on Good Friday, where we went to a performance of Bach’s St Matthew Passion by the Tolzer Boys Choir — very beautiful), Erfurt, Halle, and other places.

In a few weeks I plan to go again and have a booktable in Wittenburg at Kimstädt - Hause der Geschenke.




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