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No Greater Joy — Grandma’s Secret Book

Free (with any order for other books) for every grandparent and parent.

You may request any reasonable quantity of this precious little book as long as stock lasts. We think that every mother and grandmother needs a copy! More than 5000 copies will, the Lord willing, be available by December 9, 2016. With any order for other I.P. books before December 10, you may request as many copies of Grandma’s Secret Book as needed.

Orders are scheduled to be mailed by December 12 or 13, both in Canada and in the U.S.A.

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No Greater Joy — Grandma’s Secret Book)

Dear Parents & Grandparents,

There is no greater joy than to know that our children walk in the truth. I very well remember a sermon of Rev. C.G. Bos in 1983 in which he referred to this text. And of course, the Bible is true. Yet as parents and grandparents we often fail to teach our children and grandchildren to walk humbly with our God. For many children worldly entertainment and sports are the most important. And even when our children read books it is often fluff.

Still, by God’s grace, there are parents and grandparents that give their children books that help build them in the faith, and in understanding the history of the Church and of the world, so that these children are equipped for the task God is giving them to do.

Some grandparents let children pick out books, and if they offer only good books that usually works fine. Yet, in order to direct and encourage children to walk in the way they should go, it is often better to make the selection for them.

But what if they already have that book?

It was this question that encouraged us to compile this booklet. With the help of, preferably, the mother, grandparents from both sides can now easily stay up to date with a great selection of books that children should have. Some will see the wisdom of first ensuring that each book is on the family book shelf, others will want to go the next step in providing each child with a personal foundational library by the time they get married (and time goes fast).

Often we hear the remark that "my brother took that book along!" Some of those books can still be purchased. But others are forgotten.

Books will last through faithful generations. The best gift is often a book. And what a joy it is for grandparents to talk with their grandchildren about the books they recently received. What a joy it is if they themselves have just read that book again, before they gave it away. It stimulates conversations. It causes generations to walk together in the fear of the Lord.

But, "my children do not like to read!" is often said.

The best medicine for that is to read to them an exciting book by Piet Prins. Three-year-olds often sit quietly when Mommy reads a little Van de Hulst book. By the time they are six or seven they will likely read some themselves and when they are nine or ten they will read them to their siblings. These books are great favourites for babysitters.

The Bible stories by Cor Van Rijswijk, read by Theresa Janssen on CD, will enrich the children when travelling. At the same time they will learn Psalms, God’s own words, instead of silly songs. Often we sell the CD Sing to the Lord, recorded twenty years ago, to young mothers who listened to it when they grew up. That is what by God’s grace sowing good seeds does.

Indeed, "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth."

Neerlandia, November 14, 2016

Roelof A. Janssen


May the Lord grant you the greatest joy by seeing your children and grandchildren love the Lord.

With friendly regards,

Roelof A. Janssen



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